NPR on the “child-man” phenomenon

NPR: Young Men Stuck in Adolescent-Adult Limbo It wasn't long ago, Hymowitz argues, that the average man in his mid-20s had achieved many of life's major milestones — he had a job, a marriage, perhaps even kids and a house. Today's mid-20something male "lingers happily," Hymowitz writes, "in a new hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance." Social scientists are struggling to define this new phase of life — "emerging adulthood" and "delayed adolescence" are two ide … [Read more...]

Abbu finally gets to feed baby

[This is a repost.  It occurred to me that my previous title, "Abbu gets to finally get some of the nursing action", could be misconstrued. Sorry about that...] Well, a bleary eyed Ammi finally allowed Abbu to break out the bottle and feed Raihana Friday night.  It was masha'Allah a wonderful experience. Not only was it an incredible relief to actually be able to do something when little Raihana's wails of hunger reached a thunderous roar, but the sight of her looking up at … [Read more...]