Forbidden Love

No, not that "love". Or that one. Or that one. Check out the short film "Forbidden Love" about the struggles of a Muslim student to pray on campus. I, and I suspect most practicing Muslims, can completely relate to its heroine's dilemmas and struggles to fulfill her religious obligations during her daily life in mainstream society.The funny thing is that I chuckled at the wish fulfillment and seeming improbability of its happy ending (which without spoiling it is worthy of … [Read more...]

Cloverfield: A barf bag to go with your popcorn?

Saw "Cloverfield" yesterday with two fellow geeks from school. A lot of fun. It's an interesting if less charming update on the beloved metropolis-destroying monster film genre. At least until you hurl due to the frenetically bouncing  camera angle. The premise of the movies is that the film is footage from the camcorder of an innocent bystander caught in the middle of a Godzilla-style disaster. The choice has the advantage of adding immediacy--a sense on the part of the viewer … [Read more...]

The Science of “Star Wars” & Lucas embraces the Dark Side

Now for some lighter fare.  Here's a delightful article in the National Geographic that explores the scientific plausibility of the various "Star Wars" worlds. A similiar piece appeared in, of all places, Forbes that discusses the science of Star Wars technologies.   It appears that light sabers are, alas, particularly unrealistic. While we're at it, if you want a stimulating (if occasionally profane) rant about George Lucas' waning artistic powers, here it is.  … [Read more...]