Sherman Jackson on WDM, divisions among Black Muslims, and the road ahead

As a commenter astutely noted, not all Black Muslims in this country looked to W.D. Mohammed for leadership. Many assimilated fully into mainstream, majority-immigrant mosques and institutions, in some cases going abroad for traditional training, as well.Dr. Sherman Jackson, one of the most important North American Muslim jurists, scholars and community leaders--not to mention the author of an extremely important book on American Islam --has penned a fascinating reflection (posted on the old … [Read more...]

A touching tribute and a much needed plea for humility

Islamic comedian (and, no, that's not an oxymoron, or at least shouldn't be) Azhar Usman wrote a powerful, soul-searching tribute to Imam W.D. Mohammed after attending the great man's funeral. It lays bare the indignities and neglect that African-American Muslims have all too often endured at the hands of upwardly mobile and status-conscious immigrant (and Caucasian--see below) Muslims in North America. Here is an excerpt from Br. Azhar's touching and much needed jeremiad … [Read more...]

Round-up of coverage of Imam W.D. Mohammed’s passing

Here are, in no particular order, some recent blog postings and articles in the MSM on the death and/or moving funeral of Imam W.D. Mohammed. (In a one or two cases, the post was very short, so I linked more for the comments.)Islamosphere:Zahed Amanullah. "The Imam Cares" (alt.muslim)Seeker's Digest: "Passing of Imam WD Mohammed - The Death of a Great Leader of Islam in the West"Islamicate: "Warith Dean Mohammed is Dead"SaqibSaab at Muslim Matters: … [Read more...]

Imam W.D. Mohammed has left us

If you haven't heard, I'm sorry to inform you that a great American leader has left us.  Imam Warith Deen Mohammed passed away yesterday.  May Allah grant him paradise, give strength to his family and comfort the many who will be devastated by his departure from this plane. Imam Mohammed is best known outside the Muslim community for courageously repudiating the racialized theology of the original Nation of Islam and leading its community into Sunni Islam after he took over … [Read more...]