“Fight Club” meets “Romper Room”

To call this sickening just scratches the surface of this perversion.  Women laughed as they forced toddlers to take part in 'dog fight' | Guardian Unlimited A mother and her three daughters who forced two toddlers to take part in a "dog fight" and filmed it walked free from court yesterday.The women, including the children's mother, goaded the tearful brother and sister to punch each other and even use a magazine and hairbrush as weapons. When the boy, who was in a nappy, stopped fighting … [Read more...]

What’s “Korean” about the Virginia Tech killer?

A snippet from my post on Eteraz.org, wherein I argued that implicitly linking the Virginia Tech killer with the Korean community makes no sense given the seemingly standard American upbringing and overall profile that have emerged in media reports. Eteraz.org || Virginia Tech massacre a sadly "American" crime If his American childhood is not enough to convince, consider his major.  He decision to study, of all things, English--a degree widely considered to be little value on the … [Read more...]

Richard Gere gets some action in India

I generally don't pay attention to the comings and goings of the man-children that inhabit Hollywood.  Richard Gere's Indian imbrolio, however, is eminently newsworthy and deserving of analysis.  It reminds us of the continuing existence of sexism, racism and colonial arrogance in the world. If you didn't hear, Richard Gere created controversy in India a few days ago by flouting Indian mores and publicly kissing a semi-starlet, Shilpa Shetty, on stage.   BBC NEWS - Gere kiss … [Read more...]

A horrific massacre on a Virginia campus

If you haven't heard, the worst shooting rampage in American history occurred early on Monday on a Virginia campus.  At least 32 people have died in addition to the killer, who took his own life as police closed in. What an unbelievable tragedy.  May God rest their souls. And what an inscrutable mystery, as well.  The accounts of his calmness and businesslike manner make for chilling reading.  What makes people snap like this, silently hunting down complete strangers?  … [Read more...]

Coming to Lahore, Virginia: Lahore, Pakistan

Some schemes are so sublimely bizarre and harebrained that I suspect the universe's sense of humor dictates that they succeed. Building on a Dream - washingtonpost.com On his first drive through this central Virginia town, Noor Naghmi didn't notice the barns or cow pastures, or the tractors trundling by. He imagined gardens and domes and spires. He pictured arabesque archways reflected in glossy pools. He saw all the grandeur of his home town of Lahore, Pakistan, which he had left more than … [Read more...]

A new reason to dread going to the dentist

According to this report in Libération, a British dentist has had his license revoked for unsanitary practices such as cleaning his ears and nails with his "sterilized" medical instruments and--the pièce de résistance--peeing in the little sink that his patients used for rinsing their mouths out.This guy sounds like the worst dentist since Inspector Clouseau went undercover as one in "The Pink Panther Strikes Again". Un dentiste britannique interdit d'exercice pour manque d'hygiène Un dentiste b … [Read more...]

Mischief incarnate

Okay, I can't take it no more.   Nazar shmazar...But to the be on the safe side... ما شاء الله … [Read more...]

More on ambiguity and hijab

For those interested in the topic, I expanded a bit on my point about the conspicuous absence of complexity in most "traditional" discussions of hijab today in a postscript to my previous post. … [Read more...]