Throwing the book at the “Irvine 11”

I have a post on Tikkun Daily on the latest development in the "Irvine 11" saga. "If the'“Irvine 11' are to do time, what about Tea Party organizers?":Criminal charges have been filed against the “Irvine 11″ – the ring leaders of a large group of Muslim students at University of California, Irvine who repeatedly disrupted a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren last February, sparking outrage – which could result in 6 months of prison time. This draconian a … [Read more...]

The Guardian’s neato interactive timeline on the Jasmine Revolutions

Wow, this interactive timeline for the Jasmine Revolutions on The Guardian website is way cool. (And psychedelic, man!)But they really need to update its data. It's 2 weeks out of date and this stuff is still going down. … [Read more...]

Breaking down the Murfreesboro Mosque controversy

This is great stuff from the backwoods sages at Red State Update.  (HT: Goatmilk) It's from last year, but its barbs are only becoming more apropos by the day. In fact, it probably won't even be satire much longer. I love the part about the naked ignorance and prejudice of these protests giving rednecks a bad name.  … [Read more...]

Great documentary on Sufi music

If anyone is looking for a lush, inspiring and accessible multimedia introduction to Sufism--not to mention a reminder of the great beauty also exists in much maligned places like Pakistan--I highly recommend "Sufi Soul: The Mystic Music of Islam." It's a bit light on theory and oversimplifies a bit at times, but it makes up for that with rich footage and wonderful excerpts. It crisscrosses the globe to bring you vivid glimpses of Islamic mystical practice set to music--from … [Read more...]

Wicked fun for the whole (Muslim) family

Check out Hamzah Moin's inspired, subversive suggestions for Islamically-themed board games. Fun-Filled Muslim Board Games – Maniac Muslim Everywhere I go I see boring board games made by Muslims. Muslim Trivia this. Islamic Quiz that. Why must we bore our Muslim children to death with such uninspired board games? Who thought it would be a good idea to use our brains?Throw those brains away! I’ve invented some of the best Muslim board games EVER. These would sell like hot cakes. I was i … [Read more...]

Obama’s “indecisiveness” in Egypt

I've finally posted something new on Tikkun Daily, on attacks on President Obama for being "indecisive" during the Jasmine Revolutions.Tikkun Daily Blog » Blog Archive » Blaming Obama for “dithering” when that’s been Washington policy for decades In a curiously un-self-aware move a few weeks ago, Christopher Hitchens slammed President Obama’s handling of the unrest in North Africa as “pathetic” and “cynical” in a piece for Slate Magazine. Employing a facile (and – given how devoid … [Read more...]

Rep. Peter King and terrorism

You might have heard concerns about Rep. Peter King's credibility as anti-terror inquisitioner given his own sketchy past as an apologist for the IRA. Well, it turns out that "hypocritical" really doesn't do this man's inconsistency justice. During the 1980s, the guy was associating with IRA operatives at the same time that they were receiving "hundreds of tons of arms and explosives, including Sam-7 missile launchers, mortars, heavy machine guns, 1000's of … [Read more...]

Interesting list of Muslim blogs

At the risk of unseemly self-promotion and despite my abhorence for sites of this ignoble nature--which are basically ruining the Internet by filling it up with low-quality articles designed to attract search engine traffic, making useful, unique content near-invisible to the casual surfer in the process--I have to admit that this list of "Best 50 Muslim Blogs"  serves a useful purpose, so I'm making an exception and passing it on. I'm sure some of its picks/omissions are … [Read more...]