Virtually Islamic

Thought I'd share a very interesting blog that charts the intersection of Islam and the Internet called Virtually Islamic.  It's by Gary Bunt, the author of a number of cutting-edge books and articles on Muslims and the Internet.  If you're a techie like me, you're sure to find it entertaining.  For example, he reports on a stink in Saudi Arabia at the moment over an imam who was punished for using his laptop during the khutbah (Friday sermon). It's inelegant and undesirable in … [Read more...]

Must Sufis be Muslims?

In the West, there are many who identify themselves as Sufi but not Muslim. Kabir Helminski questions whether Sufism can be disconnected from the Islamic faith and tradition in which it developed over the centuries in  "What is Truly Universal Spirituality". … [Read more...]

Why European women are turning to Islam

I'm not one of these Muslims who measure Muslim "success" or Islam's validity by conversion rates, but I found this article enlightening: "Why European women are turning to Islam" by Peter Ford.The death of Muriel Degauque, a Belgian convert who blew herself up in a suicide attack on US troops in Iraq last month, has drawn fresh attention to the rising number of Islamic converts in Europe, most of them women.This subject is close to my heart, as my mother was a European … [Read more...]

Guantanamo Action Center

Check out the Center for Constitutional Rights' Guantanamo Action Center.  This article in The Washington Post on suicide attempts in Guantanamo (one individual appears to have been so desperate that he made the attempt while his lawyer was visiting) makes for depressing reading.  Subhanallah. Blood-thirsty bigots in Washington and in "patriotic" corners of the media will no doubt spin this as a cynical PR ploy by those cunning, fatalistic Moslem fanatics to deceive  … [Read more...] on Tariq Ramadan and reformists

Shabana has written a fresh and thoughtful analysis of her concerns about's view of Tariq Ramadan, orthodoxy and reform in general.   It's really been making the rounds, Masha Allah.  Even SunniPath picked it up (which I think is a credit to them).  Be sure to check it out. … [Read more...]

The Next French Revolultion

Another great article on the recent unrest in France in CSM:"Next French Revolution:  a less color-blind society" by Peter Ford, The Christian Science Monitor … [Read more...]

The bittersweet lot of the immigrant

My wife Shabana has written with eloquence and profundity about "being an immigrant".    My favorite part:Such is the lot of being an immigrant. It's not all about "seeking/finding a better life" and making truckloads of money. Some of it is about giving up some life. … [Read more...]

How about defining “al-Qaida”?

This is a really informative and stimulating review by noted terrorism expert Peter Bergen of an explosive new documentary by Adam Curtis called The Power of Nightmares.  It argues something that I have long believed, that the al-Qaida threat has been hugely exaggerated by warmongering neocons and a sensationalistic media.  They have created a largely fictious construct that takes spontaneous and independent acts of terrorism, crime and resistance around the world as part of a … [Read more...]