Some background on the Dutch diversity volte-face

Haroon Siddiqui has written an interesting and informative article on the evolution of Dutch attitudes towards immigrants and Muslims.  He also argues that the pendulum is swinging - How the tolerant Dutch became so intolerant For the last five years, the story from liberal Holland has been that it had gone from being multicultural to being xenophobic. It had shut the door on immigrants, warehoused its refugees in camps and turned on its own 1 million Muslims. The latest … [Read more...]

KY Christians demanding schools teach “BC” and “AD”

From The Forward: Religious Groups Push Kentucky Schools To Use 'Before Christ' Activists, along with the governor and other state politicians, have accused the State Board of Education of attempting to drive Christianity from the classroom through the use of secular notations, like BCE for "Before the Common Era," in place of religious ones, like B.C. for "Before Christ." The Western calendar counts years from the traditional birth of Jesus. The use of the notations B.C. and A.D. (anno Domini, … [Read more...]

The Superfriends and multiculturalism

Those of you who grew up, as I did, watching "The Superfriends" will get a real kick out of this Flash animation of this brilliantly creative (not to mention downright intertextual) skit by Filipino comedian Rex Navarrete.  It's called "MARITESS vs the SUPERFRIENDS" and it casts some light on American race relations through the Superfriends' relationship with Maritess, their Filipino maid. [HT: Jeff Yang at] Even if you're not familiar with this beloved … [Read more...]