Legos meet 80s nostalgia

Don't know what came over me today.  In the midst of a lively discussion of Plato and "the Good"--I and a a few other religion TAs share an office with some junior faculty from the philosophy department, who regularly rock my world with mind-bending discussions of Plato that prove the commonplace contention in such circles that the "ancients" were simply a lot smarter than we are today--I experienced the pop-cultural equivalent of Marcel Proust's famous cookie-induced … [Read more...]

Meen Irhabi? (“Who’s the terrorist?”) & hip-hop

Thanks to Zahir's link to a Palestinian rap site, I came across the the group Dam ("blood" in Arabic) and their thought-provoking anthem, "Meen Irhabi?" (Who's the terrorist?).  To watch it, click the link at the bottom of this page (the video helpfully includes English subtitles). Given its origins as a voice for the downtrodden and marginalized and the fact that young people everywhere are basically forced to see the world through American eyes, it should come as … [Read more...]