Mozaffar on “What is a Moderate Muslim?”

Touché, Monsieur le Pussycat!Mozaffar’s Moments » What is a Moderate Muslim? What is a Moderate Muslim? I’m sick of this question. The answer is simple. A “Moderate” Muslim is a Muslim who does one of two things, and only one of two things. 1- S/he supports the policies of his/her state’s government. 2- S/he is silent. That’s supposedly a Moderate Muslim. So, if you do not support a war in which the main casualties are innocent individuals, you are not a Moderate Muslim. … [Read more...]

The cartoon riots compared to America’s race riots

A scholar explores how recent American history proves the wisdom (and ubiquity) of self-censorship in a healthy multi-cultural society.  ----------------------------- February 17, 2006Op-Ed ContributorThe Silent TreatmentBy ROBERT WRIGHT THE American left and right don't agree on much, but weeks of demonstrations and embassy burnings have pushed them toward convergence on one point: there is, if not a clash of … [Read more...]

Jyllands-Posten’s acrobatics & Salon piece

Salon has a great piece, aptly entitled "Rotten judgment in the state of Denmark", by an American-based Danish academic, Jytte Klausen.Here's an excerpt: This all would have been very well if the paper had a long tradition of standing up for fearless artistic expression. But it so happens that three years ago, Jyllands-Posten refused to publish cartoons portraying Jesus, on the grounds that they would offend readers. [...][...] The paper wanted to instigate trouble, just not the kind of … [Read more...]

“Europe’s Contempt for Other Cultures Can’t be Sustained”

A stimulating analysis of the broader historical backdrop to these clashes, and how little right Europe has to be smug and sanctimonious in all this. Read the whole thing. [HT: Hikm]Europe’s Contempt for Other Cultures Can’t be Sustained: Europe has never had to worry too much about context or effect because for around 200 years it dominated and colonised most of the world. Such was Europe’s omnipotence that it never needed to take into account the sensibilities, beliefs and attitudes of those t … [Read more...]

Fred Halliday on blasphemy & power

A good article in"Blasphemy and power" The theological and historical rhetoric of the cartoon dispute conceals its central message: the creation of a modern, unified field of world politics, says Fred Halliday. … [Read more...]

Learning (and learning to be) Danish

Some non-cartoon related musings about Denmark."Danish queen raps radical Islam" the queen is quoted as voicing disapproval of "these people for whom religion is their entire life".I'm not sure how I feel about this point.  I certainly object to the way some Muslims subject every aspect of life and the world to a narrow, sometimes, purritanical conception of Islam, BUT I fear that this is not what she's talking about.  My worry is that the Queen considers a desire … [Read more...]

The pig picture

It sounds like the delegation of Danish Muslims also has some explaining to do. Not all the pictures that it distributed in the Middle East in order to drum up support for the boycott were actually from Jyllands-Posten.  One bogus picture was particularly inflammatory, as it portrayed a pig-like man. (I've seen it--it's hideous.)I must say I'm disgusted, though not terribly surprised, that some Muslims would intentionally spread lies while on a mission to defend the Prophet's honor.  … [Read more...]

“French row over charity pork soup” (BBC)

Another example of the anti-Muslim prejudice that bubbles just beneath the surface in so many situations.  I imagine Michelle Malkin and the rest of the bigot brigade will defend France's sacred right to self-expression in the kitchen.  French row over charity pork soup: A charity run by an extreme-right group in the south of France has caused anger by serving the homeless only pork soup, which Jews and Muslims do not eat. … [Read more...]