Yallahrup Færgeby

What would you get if you crossed the early 1990s urban themed variety show "In Living Color"  with the UK's Muppets-style political parody show "The Spitting Image" and then plopped it in the middle of Scandinavia?   It might look something like "Yallahrup Færgeby". [HT: Islam in Europe] The program follows the misadventures of two dimwitted boys of Middle Eastern background in  the fictional Danish ghetto suburb neighborhood of Yallahrup … [Read more...]

My encyclopedia entries are out

Well, judging by the fact that Shabana and I just got our modest checks for our respective entries, I'm guessing that Jocelyn Cesari's two-volume Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States might soon be in a library near you.I contributed 6 entries, which could've been a big headache, but fortunately I picked simple easy, uncontroversial topics about which there is broad consensus across the political, academic and confessional spectra. They were: Jihad Democracy Wahhabism Salafiyya Saudi … [Read more...]

Free yourselves, Muslim women!

I don't have time to comment at length, but check out this gem of neo-colonial paternalism, unvarnished prejudice and ironic sexism from the youth wing of the hardline Danish People's Party.  They have launched a campaign directed towards Muslim women entitled "Free yourselves" ("Befri jer selv").  They're referring to Islam, of course. You can order a poster and get postcards for spreading the good news that they are waiting with open arms to receive Muslim women … [Read more...]

Reflections on the Danish cartoons a year later

Danish journalist Jakob Illeborg has penned a balanced and insightful reflection in The Guardian Unlimited on the lingering legacy in Denmark of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons that roiled the known universe a year ago.  My only complaint is that he didn't explicitly acknowledge how intensely political the affair was from the outset.  It never was simply about freedom of speech, and the affair's architects' professed  motivations have become increasingly hard to swallow as more … [Read more...]

France as model for Muslim/non-Muslim dialogue

Anthropologist John Bowen argues in the San Francisco Chronicle for the unfashionable view that, even with the problems of integration that have been on public display in recent years, France represents the best hope for peaceful coexistence between Muslim and non-Muslim. I must confess that I am not a fan of the French brand of secularism, laïcité.  In this I'm a unrepetent American imperialist, with little patience for those who subordinate individual rights in matters of faith in the n … [Read more...]

Umar Lee on history of Salafi dawah

Check out Umar Lee's "The rise and fall of the ’salafi dawah’ in the US".Haven't read it yet, but skimmed it and it looks fascinating. … [Read more...]

A Brahmin Who Sent a Muslim for Haj (ARAB NEWS)

A heartwarming reminder that not all Muslim/Hindu relations in India today are riven by strife and fear.  A Brahmin Who Sent a Muslim for Haj (ARAB NEWS): Hasan from Aurangabad in India’s Maharashtra state is one of the millions of pilgrims standing shoulder-to-shoulder as Muslims here on the plains of Arafat where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) delivered his last sermon. The standing of the pilgrims in Arafat is the climax of Haj. Hasan was able to stand here yesterday thanks to t … [Read more...]

L.A. Eight vindicated

I just posted over at Eteraz.org on the "L.A. Eight" case. Eteraz.org || LA Eight's vindication a defeat for Islamophobia and victory for America Good news in the war on terror, bad news in the War Against Muslim Participation in American Life. A resounding blow has been struck for justice and rule of law in a decades old case of government-sanctioned pro-Israeli political persecution against American Arabs and Muslims.  The "LA 8" have finally been vindicated. A … [Read more...]