The most “unclean” of all: the Muslim who treats people like dogs

A "Muslim" cabbie in the UK has made headlines (and blogosphere Islamophobes' day) by refusing service to a blind passenger because of the presence of her seeing-eye dog, claiming it to be "unclean" and prohibited in his car by his religion.  Sadly, this is not an isolated occurence.  (Almost as sad, stupid Muslim antics here force me to cite Daniel Pipes approvingly:  Pipes rightly dismisses this neurotic taboo as "Muslim lore".  It's … [Read more...]

The Pope and the Muslims

Given all the work I have to do, I probably shouldn't be blogging, but I've been really itching to comment on this bizarre Pope controversy for a while.  I need to scratch this itch so I can get back to work. Under Progress has contributed some thoughtful and informative reflections on this mess, along with a useful round-up of what people are saying in the blogosphere.  I'm of two minds on this sorry affair. Despite my vigorous objections to the Pope's charges, I think that many … [Read more...]

Ralph Peters: “Islam-haters” are the real 5th column

Do read Ralph Peters' courageous declaration of war on the real cancer within the American body politic, empty-headed Islamophobia that passes off hatred and hysteria for patriotism and devotion to America's ideals.  As he notes, these tunes have a very famliar ring to those aware of the discourse of anti-Semites and white supremacists in American history.  It's in The New York Post.  Will wonders never cease? [HT: Carnival of Brass, by way of Non Sceptical Essays]  … [Read more...]

CSM on American Buddhism

There's an interesting article in The Christian Science Monitor on the growth of Buddhism on American shores ("American Buddhism on the rise"), which according to this piece is our 4th largest religion today. Even a larger factor [in Buddhism's spread in the USA --Svend], he suggests, is that Buddhism offers spiritual practices that Western religions haven't emphasized."People are looking for experiential practices, not just a new belief system or a new set of ethical rules which … [Read more...]

More on WoPo piece on Salafism

I had composed a long, detailed magnum opus the other night responding to the Washington Post piece mentioned previously, when the fate that bloggers fear worse than death befell me.  My PC rebooted suddenly, completely unbidden, just as I was reaching a crescendo.   I think I triggered an unknown keyboard shortcut for shutting down.  It was enough to make me howl into the inky sky. Perhaps it was a sign from on High that I wasn't supposed to be watching my all-time favorite … [Read more...]

Washington Post on Salafism today

The Washington Post ("For Conservative Muslims, Goal of Isolation a Challenge") has an interesting and wide ranging article on the state of Wahhabism among American Muslims.    There's a lot to comment on, but I'll just note my exception to one claim:The sense of beleaguerment among many Muslims in the Washington area is particularly strong among Salafis. "In the past, people would say, 'I'm Salafi.' Now, I never encounter people who say that," District resident and … [Read more...]

Why Muslims don’t protest peacefully like civilized Westerners

A comrade commented on my post about the controversy among German Catholics over the "Popetown" program ("German Catholics offended by 'Simpsons'-style cartoon of Vatican") by predicting that many will respond that, sure, some Catholics may be calling for censorship, but at least they're not burning embassies, killing people, etc. I thought I'd repost my response to that observation on its own since I think it begins to addresse some of the underlying problems with the … [Read more...]

German Catholics offended by “Simpsons”-style cartoon of Vatican

German Catholics call for censorship of seemingly considerably less offensive portrayal of Pope than the Jyllands-Posten cartoons.  Muslims are supposed to take Muhammad with a bomb in his turban in stride at the same time that Catholics are up in arms over the Pope on a pogo stick.  It kind of says it all, doesn't it? Now, I should note that I don't have a problem with Catholics pressuring MTV to drop the series.   Judging by the stills on the website, the programs seems … [Read more...]