“Europe’s Mosque Hysteria”

A sober and insightful discussion of Europe's "Muslim Problem" and the real significance of current demographic trends.  The comparison of Europe's problems to the USA's social and racial unrest during the 1960s is particularly intriguing.Europe's Mosque Hysteria by Martin Walker (Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2006) There is nothing ineluctable about any clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. Current demographic trends are not immutable, and it would be foolish to extrapolate from … [Read more...]

Europe fiddles as Gaza crumbles under Israel’s siege

Jonathan Steele in The Guardian provides an antidote to the blindly pro-Israeli sophistry we're hearing in the "mainstream" media in the USA ("Europe's response to the siege of Gaza is shameful") at the moment. I think all his charges are sadly borne out by the evidence.Thank God for real supporters of Israel like Gideon Levy who understand that peace can never be gained by waging an endless undeclared war.Thank goodness for the Swiss. Alone in Europe, their government has … [Read more...]

The problem with “Muslim-only” days: Balancing assimilation with natural social divisions

Recently, news broke in the United Kingdom of a "Muslim-only" day [Reluctant HT: Islamophobic] being organized by a local Muslim community at an amusement park.  I'm relieved that it turns out that the hysterical reports have been, as so much news concerning Islam (e.g., the Miami 7) is, exaggerated [Great work, Indigo Jo!] to conveniently dovetail with the bigoted stereotypes and political agendas of Islamophobes, but the issue raised by these reports remains relevant and worth … [Read more...]

Fishy “Muslims” caught in the Seas of David

In a first in the post-9/11 political era, Muslim leaders in Miami have responded to the furor over the recently apprehended bomb plotters against the Sears Towers by arguing that  the culprits are not Muslims.  (CAIR also refuted the link and urged the media to refrain from referring to them as Muslims.)  They'd know, and I don't think this is something a community could get away with lying about.  These leaders know very well that if these individuals really are  … [Read more...]

Some background on the Dutch diversity volte-face

Haroon Siddiqui has written an interesting and informative article on the evolution of Dutch attitudes towards immigrants and Muslims.  He also argues that the pendulum is swinging back.TheStar.com - How the tolerant Dutch became so intolerant For the last five years, the story from liberal Holland has been that it had gone from being multicultural to being xenophobic. It had shut the door on immigrants, warehoused its refugees in camps and turned on its own 1 million Muslims. The latest … [Read more...]

Comparing US Muslims to European Muslims

A very interesting article in The Economist.Look out, Europe, they say Why so many Muslims find it easier to be American than to feel European … [Read more...]

Jyllands-Posten’s noble efforts finally bear fruit

Some considerably less upbeat news from the state of Denmark, and from Jutland, Jylland-Posten's heartland.  The Danish newspaper Politiken reports (my translation): According to Aalborg Police, approximately 110 threating letters have been mailed directly to northern Jutlanders with Muslim-sounding names. "In the past, we have had individual cases of racism but nothing at all on this scale.  So we take it very seriously.  It is deeply tasteless action and a punishable … [Read more...]

On expecting second-class citizens to be flag-waving patriots.

A recent article in alt.muslim ("Mosques With Foreign Flags") illustrates much of what's dead wrong with discussions in Washington of Muslims, immigration and assimilation.  I try to ignore silly statements of this nature in the media, but with this mix of irresponsible rhetoric and indifference to elementary considerations of historical and social context coming from a prominent Muslims I'm irritated enough to comment.  I have to shake my head in amazement at these … [Read more...]