When mutton becomes haram

If you didn't have an aversion to trying "exotic" parts of animals, here's something so nasty it'll make you go stick to the fur. [HT: Metroblogging Islamabad] I realize there are noble, life-saving potential applications, but excuse me while I vomit at the image of a sheep with human inner organs. Could be worse, though.  At least it's not a pig. Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human | the Daily Mail Scientists have created the world's first human-sheep chimera - … [Read more...]

One man’s passage through Wahhabism and the beef with pigs

[Reposted because I'd left out the link to the article in question.] There's a another interesting article in the Washington Post series on Wahhabism in America.  It looks at the ups and downs of Wahhabism among American Muslims through the spiritual journey of one person, fellow blogger Khaleel Moore. [HT: Koonj] In case you're wondering, I'm not obsessed with the W-word.  It just keeps coming up in my surfing these days. Just noticed that Br. Khaleel's legal name is … [Read more...]

Is swinophobia Islamic?

Baraka got me waxing nostalgic for my Paris days when she wrote about "Of Piglets & Love Hounds".I've been an enthusiastic booster of the animated film "Babe" ever since I got dragged to see it over vigorous protestations during my student days in Paris a decade ago. (I spent a year at the Sorbonne.) When I instinctively objected  on religious grounds to the indecent proposal of a Muslim going to see a "pig movie", my friend, an Israeli art student, … [Read more...]