Are you doing your part to support the few media that support us?

If you didn't catch it, the leading progressive political magazine in America, The Nation, recently came out with an amazing collection of articles on the War on Terror, Muslim integration and Islamophobia. It's a scrumptious feast of the kind of sharp, insightful analysis that's so consistently absent from coverage of these vital issues in the Corporate Media.Among the articles in the July 2-9, 2012 issue of The Nation are:“Fear and Loathing of Islam” by Moustafa Bayoumi. In the US tod … [Read more...]

Venit, vidit, vicit

  Meant to crow about this earlier, but shabash, Shabana!  My better three quarters came, she saw, and she conquered.  And while 7 months pregnant. Doctor Koonj has arrived, and academia will never be the same.  Not only did she pass her PhD defense in Bloomington on Friday afternoon with flying colors--and inspite of my best efforts (I goofed and left a bag containing her presentation notes in our living room.)--but her advisors were so  enthusiastic about her … [Read more...]