Concessions vs. compromises with “folk religion”

Was reading about theology when I should be updating some technical specifications for the IT project I'm working on when I came across some intriguing observations about Christian faith and its tensions with popular practice that I think could be fruitfully applied to Islam. Try substituting "Sufism" for "folk religion" in the quotes and you'll get a sense of how concerns the excesses of "popular" religion are both natural and legitimate yet simutaneously prone to … [Read more...]

Progressive Faith Blog Con

I realize that the whole 20th century practice of meeting other human beings in the flesh flies in the face our way of life, but nonetheless there's a neat event coming up in New Jersey for those of us who blog about religion and spirituality and who are on the Left. It's the Progressive Faith Blog Con being held at Montclair State University in the Garden State July 14-16. Shabana and I would love to attend, but its proximity to our exodus from bondage in DC at the beginning of August makes … [Read more...]

Priests spank imams in Denmark

This has to be one of the odder images of interfaith dialogue yet. Priests and  imams settling the Crusades on the soccer field.  I'm sad to report that my team (though I must confess to being a bit torn, being both Danish and Muslim) got thrashed 7-0, and despite some healthy trash talking (apparently, the imams made the mistake of playfully promising to "eat them for breakfast"; I guess the priests decided to dust off their Viking helms and just go medieval on them). Too … [Read more...]

Unwilling Self-Negation on the “Myth of the Judeo-Christian West”

[Am reposting this because I've added some eye-opening passages from key prayers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.]Ali makes some intriguing observations about the "myth" of a Judeo-Christian West.A particularly stimulating claim is that there is no unified Judeo-Christian religious tradition because Jews have for much of recent Western history been advocating--as an understandable defensive tactic by a vulnerable minority in Christian societies that were steeped in … [Read more...]

Mozaffar on “The Jewish Mirror”

Mozaffar has a thoughtful post on the similiarities between Jews and Muslims, a topic that has long been dear to my heart.other|matters ยป The Jewish Mirror If the Prophet -p- has been reported to have said that we (Muslims) and they (the Jewish people) are so alike that we are like two shoes of a pair, then what does that tell you? Further, look at al-Baqarah; our Blessed Creator speaks to us by way of speaking to the Children of Israel, and then (almost immediately afterwards) speaks directly … [Read more...]

Gratitude for the simple things in life

Lest we forget how much we have to be grateful for. God bless him and his parents. A photo from of a two-month old baby in Shanghai. A doctor inspects a 59-day-old baby boy who was born with three arms, at a hospital in Shanghai, in east China Monday, May 29, 2006. Doctors are checking the boys physical condition before deciding whether to remove his third arm. (AP Photo) … [Read more...]

Indian Christians: Ban ‘Da Vinci Code’

Ah, a picture is worth a thousand words. And for a change they're about non-Muslims.AFP on Christian demands for censorship:A Christian activist protests against the release of "The DaVinci Code" and "Tickle My Funny Bone" in Mumbai. Russia's Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper said polemics surrounding "The Da Vinci Code" reflect a clash between religious and secular values reminiscent of the recent furor over the Prophet Mohammed cartoons, considered blasphemous by … [Read more...]

The Da Vinci Code protests, or Christians get their “cartoons”

  Speaking of the "Da Vinci Code", protests by offended Christians, particularly Catholics, are happening around the world.  Many are calling for it to be banned, censored, or accompanied by a disclaimer noting that it is a work of fiction. Deja vu all over again.  It'll be interesting to see how many of those who loudly denounced Muslims for supposedly imposing their religious values during the cartoon controversy will speak out against the attempts of some Christians … [Read more...]