The Arab Street is owed an apology!

Most of the time I post stuff about Denmark, it tends to be bad news--of course, if you're a Muslim observer of Danish politics there's often been, sadly, pretty good reason for that--so I thought I'd try to atone a bit by translating this very thoughtful and topical piece by a Danish pundit on the lessons of the Arab Spring. One could quibble about a few small things (e.g., identifying Saudi-funded establishments as "ultra-orthodox"; their claim to orthodoxy is rather … [Read more...]

The Zeleza Post on today’s “sanitation” of Martin Luther King

Do read this bracing and lyrical meditation on the misappropriation of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. in American popular culture and politics. Remembering Martin Luther King: Beyond the Sanitization of a Dreamer | The Zeleza Post Powered by ScribeFire. … [Read more...]