The Quran a popular Christmas gift in Denmark this year

Am catching up on news from Denmark and came across an amusing report in the Danish daily Politiken ("Koranen bliver et hit under juletr├Žet", or "The Quran a hit under the Christmas tree"). It reports that a new Danish translation of the Quran (by philosogist Ellen Wuff) was the surprise bestseller this Christmas. In just one month, 5,000 copies were sold.  To give you a sense of perspective keep in mind that Denmark's population is less than 6 million and that those … [Read more...]

Viking mouths, Indian smiles

Tooth marks link Vikings, Indians [via Xefer] A scientist who found deep grooves chiselled into the teeth of dozens of 1,000-year-old Viking skeletons unearthed in Sweden believes the strange custom might have been learned from aboriginal tribes during ancient Norse voyages to North America -- a finding that would represent an unprecedented case of transatlantic, cross-cultural exchange during the age of Leif Ericsson. … [Read more...]