Free back issues of Himal Southasian!

Most of you (even desis) will no doubt have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'm really psyched to have discovered this treasure trove of  two decades of back issues of the unique Kathmandu-based magazine on pan-South Asian politics and culture, Himal Southasian. Haven't read it in a while, but I used to read it fanatically. Need to resubscribe. Those of you South Asian expats or 2nd-gen desi-whatevers looking for a stimulating and cutting edge alternative to the MSM on Subcontinental … [Read more...]

More on Hitler’s fans in India

An Indian reader posted an intriguing comment on my post about anti-Semitism in contemporary India ("The latest thing in Bombay's nightlife: Nazi dining!"):I believe that India hosts highest number Hitler admirers in the world. Most Indians are either unaware of the crimes committed during WWII or they conveniently chose to ignore it. Most young students and even radical elder people have a fascination, admiration of Adolf Hitler. I try to find the pattern of certain sentiments (both … [Read more...]