The Terminator gets dissed by his home town

According to this article (which is in Danish, I'm afraid), a tiff has broken out between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Austrian city of Graz over his refusal to oppose the death penalty.  When he refused to halt a high-profile execution recently, the city turned against their most famous native son and took his name off a stadium that had been christened in his honor.  I suspect this is a reflection of the deepseated European discomfort with that great American pasttime, … [Read more...]

Skiing in UAE

Shahid C. pointed out  this amazing massive indoor artficial ski slope (replete with a working lift) in UAE. When I lived in Doha, Qatar, the biggest mall, The City Center, had a small ice skating rink in the middle (in which you'd almost never see Qatari girls).    Doha being a rather quiet place the the mall being basically oval-shaped, a common social activity for foreigners there was to walk in circles around that rink. … [Read more...]

New meaning to “white wedding” in India

Every now and again, societies deconstruct.  I think that societies experience "Freudian slips"" in a manner not unlike people. My wife Shabana was doing a web search and stumbed across a sobering (though, sadly, not all that surprising) new business model in India (see her blog entry on it):  Renting out  people (preferably "tall, light-skinned men") to masquerade as relatives at well-to-do people's weddings.Amrit Dhillon writes in The Times that the … [Read more...]