Are you doing your part to support the few media that support us?

If you didn't catch it, the leading progressive political magazine in America, The Nation, recently came out with an amazing collection of articles on the War on Terror, Muslim integration and Islamophobia. It's a scrumptious feast of the kind of sharp, insightful analysis that's so consistently absent from coverage of these vital issues in the Corporate Media.Among the articles in the July 2-9, 2012 issue of The Nation are:“Fear and Loathing of Islam” by Moustafa Bayoumi. In the US tod … [Read more...]

Charles Lewis on why the the MSM is so dysfunctional

If you're concerned about the intellectual bankruptcy of the MSM, listen to this articulate, insightful and fact-filled interview with independent journalist Charles Lewis at The Real News (a new site you should bookmark and promote, btw, as it has commentary from many of the best alternative media pundits out there).The Real News What's wrong with the news? Charles Lewis on what it takes to be a muckraker "There is a funny idea in Washington that you have to have access to those in power … [Read more...]

Norm Solomon on selective outrage over barbarism

The ever insightful Norm Soloman on the consequences of the American media's spineless and selective coverage of wartime atrocities in "Their Barbarism, and Ours" : "The story really takes us back into the 8th century, a truly barbaric world," John Burns said. He was speaking Tuesday night on the PBS "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer," describing what happened to two U.S. soldiers whose bodies had just been found. Evidently they were victims of atrocities, and no one should … [Read more...]

The problem with the Pulitzers & Islamic reform

A profound analysis from a veteran journalist of the way American journalism today devalues its most important function through flashy awards and overemphasizing international affairs and high-falluting pontification. Edward Wasserman: Prizes are trophies for rich papers I've come to believe that the Pulitzers -- for all the celebrity, the champagne, the career-capping glory they bring -- are bad for the profession. They purport to stand for excellence in journalism, but if they do it's in the … [Read more...]

WP: Negative Perception Of Islam Increasing

Sadly, this development is inevitable, not because of what's happening in the world, but because of how the corporate mainstream media work.  Their focus on current events over history and sensationalism over systematic analysis not only makes these stereotypes seem justified by the facts, but it makes them the only logical reaction for the average person who lacks alternative information sources. This is a bit random, but I see a certain parallel here with some of the "conspiracy … [Read more...]

An unfair fight: The Washington Post vs. The Economist

As'ad AbuKhalil's comparison of The Economist and The Washington Post coverage on Jordan is like an exquisite haiku.  What more needs be said?  This really sums everything up. … [Read more...]