A moving account of Guantanamo

There's a beautiful and enraging account of the fate of the inmates of Guantanamo by Mahvish Khan  in The Washington Post entitled "My Guantanamo Diary: My Guantanamo Diary Face to Face With the War on Terrorism"I'm glad that the Post is doing its part to challenge this obsenity against due process.  I just wish they hadn't been a chearleader of the process that led to it. … [Read more...]

Meen Irhabi? (“Who’s the terrorist?”) & hip-hop

Thanks to Zahir's link to a Palestinian rap site, I came across the the group Dam ("blood" in Arabic) and their thought-provoking anthem, "Meen Irhabi?" (Who's the terrorist?).  To watch it, click the link at the bottom of this page (the video helpfully includes English subtitles). Given its origins as a voice for the downtrodden and marginalized and the fact that young people everywhere are basically forced to see the world through American eyes, it should come as … [Read more...]

One student’s curious defense of the Ummah

With friends like these...BBC NEWS | Americas | Iranian in US campus 'car attack' An Iranian student has been charged with attempting to murder nine people with a car in the US to "avenge the deaths of Muslims", he told police. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, drove a rented Jeep into a crowd at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill on Friday, police said. … [Read more...]

BBC: US ‘settles 9/11 detainee’s suit’

Uncle Sam is settling a lawsuit filed by a wrongfully detained Egyptian national.  It's an encouraging development, and hopefully a sign that a modicum of sanity and due process may be returning to the American legal system where Muslims are concerned. Given how the Bush Administration has unapologetically ridden roughshod over civil rights and due process, one suspects that this case was particularly egregious. This shouldn't come from your or my pockets as taxpayers, though.  At … [Read more...]

State Department back in charge

One of the most radical, and bone-headed, early policy moves by the Bush Junior administration in Iraq was to make the Pentagon responsible for the reconstruction of Iraq rather than the traditional candidate, the State Department.   It was a intensely ideological move that flew in the face of common sense and precedent. Well, this has been such a failure that even W has had to say uncle and return the reins to State. "Pentagon Flunks Rebuilding 101" by William Fisher … [Read more...]

The radicalism of this “conservative” administration

Two items from the ever informative Inter Press Service News Agency illustrate how extreme and un-"conservative" the Bush Junior administration really is: "Israelis Grow Troubled by Bush Priorities" by Jim Lobe.The policy of "regime change" in Syria obsessively promoted by the zealots dominating this administration is so irresponsible and disconnected from reality that even Israeli hardliners like Sharon think it dangerous.  Israel's not exactly known for … [Read more...]

Guantanamo Action Center

Check out the Center for Constitutional Rights' Guantanamo Action Center.  This article in The Washington Post on suicide attempts in Guantanamo (one individual appears to have been so desperate that he made the attempt while his lawyer was visiting) makes for depressing reading.  Subhanallah. Blood-thirsty bigots in Washington and in "patriotic" corners of the media will no doubt spin this as a cynical PR ploy by those cunning, fatalistic Moslem fanatics to deceive  … [Read more...]

Ramadan TV and terror

Another delightful and engrossing article, on Ramadan TV shows in the Middle East, from the good folks at the Christian Science Monitor. The article explores some of the interesting ways that TV shows are combatting extremism and terrorism. One passage really highlights how problematic and contradictory America's role is in the great Global War on Terror (GWOT).In recent years, Ramadan miniseries have triggered controversy, frequently angering the US, Israeli, and various Arab governments, or … [Read more...]