Why do Muslims seem to root for chaos?

The question in the title refers to Western, especially American, perceptions of the Middle East and the Muslim world.  I don't accept the assumption, but I'm sure to many Americans, doped up as we all are these days on the decontextualized and historically illiterate soundbytes of the mainstream media, the unethusiastic reaction (to say nothing of resistance) of Muslims around the world to American policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere seem not only exceedingly ungrateful, but … [Read more...]

More on the London bombing

Ivan Eland provides a compelling answer to the question,  "Why Did Terrorists Strike London?. After explaining the likely strategic objectives behind this monstrous crime, he provides some moral clarity and consistency to his level-headed analysis that is conspicuously absent from so much of the commentary to be found in the American media:Anytime non-combatants are purposefully killed, a monstrous moral crime has been committed. But in the United States, no one ever seems to ask why … [Read more...]

Blair’s Bombs

As we mourn the dead in London and pray for peace, we should remember why we're in this mess in the first place. A deadly dance is going on before the world's eyes between George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden.  Like most dances, it requires two eager partners.    As John Pilger argues in "Blair's Bombs" , the wide-eyed zealots running American foreign policy today (and the spineless British leaders who are going along with it despite their own intense misgivings)  … [Read more...]

The attacks in London

This brouhaha over PMU has been a bit of a distraction from more important things, such as the savage attacks in London.  One can only shake one's head and pray for the victims of this butchery.  May Allah grant them peace and forgive their sins. I also pray that this terror does not play into the hands of those on both sides who strive to keep the Muslim world and the West in a state of ever escalating conflict.  (Jim Lobe writes in IPS that this tragedy is already being … [Read more...]