Are you doing your part to support the few media that support us?

If you didn't catch it, the leading progressive political magazine in America, The Nation, recently came out with an amazing collection of articles on the War on Terror, Muslim integration and Islamophobia. It's a scrumptious feast of the kind of sharp, insightful analysis that's so consistently absent from coverage of these vital issues in the Corporate Media.Among the articles in the July 2-9, 2012 issue of The Nation are:“Fear and Loathing of Islam” by Moustafa Bayoumi. In the US tod … [Read more...]

Rabbis speaking out against Islamophobia

These public statements are really inspiring. If you're Muslim, please spread the word about this, too. Muslims need to know about the many Jews and members of other faith traditions (including none) who are taking a stand against this campaign of hate. From Stand Together: Rabbis Speak out against Islamophobia (Rabbis for Human Rights), via Joshua Stanton at Tikkun Daily:Ever since the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States, hatred and discrimination against Muslim Americans … [Read more...]

Who’s the Fifth Column again?

This clip of bigoted vitriol from a protest against a Muslim fundraiser in California is pretty revolting stuff.   … [Read more...]

Thoughts on why Mr. Spencer doesn’t deserve to be debated

I had an exchange with with a fan of Robert Spencer that touches on some of the reasons why a debate with him would be a waste of time, not to mention a kind of recognition of which a strident ideologue like him is undeserving. The sub-caption of "What's Wrong with the World" reads "Dispatches from the 10th Crusade" and  the conservative Christian group blog declares itself "dedicated to the defense of what remains of Christendom...[against] the Jihad and … [Read more...]

Newsweek on the myth of “Eurabia”

There's an incisve analysis in the current issue of Newsweek of the flawed assumptions that go into alarmist "Eurabia" demographic-threat rhetoric we hear so often on the Far Right. It points out that a lot of the numbers that get thrown around in this debate are not only pure speculation, but speculation by people with anti-immigration agendas. Here's the crux of the article.  "Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong" by William Underhill … [Read more...]

More from Jihad Watch

My 15 minutes of fame on the loony Far Right continues. I'm a little late in reporting this--haven't had much time to blog this week--but Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch also wrote about me recently (2 days ago) to thunder in florid outrage at my refusal to waste my time debating Islamic law with the likes of Mr. Spencer. I have to hand it to him. He has a way with words, if perhaps not careful reading or nuanced thinking (and, boy, does he get a lot of mileage out of a typo). He … [Read more...]

My response to Spencer

My emailed response to Mr. Spencer was posted on Jihad Watch this morning. Dear Mr. Spencer, Some corrections and clarifications: First (and perhaps you can be forgiven for overlooking this fact given the number and chaotic arrangement of comments on the blog), I made it quite clear in my contributions that I was questioning your credibility and qualifications not to discuss “Islamic issues” but rather to participate in a forum on library policies and outreach to Muslim communities. Sec … [Read more...]

Spencer and his hordes come calling

Sauron...err...Mr. Spencer has turned his baleful, lidless eye to litle old moi. Unlike him, I don't make a living engaging in such polemics, so as fun as it would be to mix it up right now, my response will have to wait until I get home from work this evening. Update (2009-08-09): All the posts on Robert Spencer/Jihad Watch exchange are available on a single page here. … [Read more...]