Juan Cole on ‘Combatting Muslim Extremism’

While I'm at it, a month earlier Juan Cole had wrote an astute assessment of "Combating Muslim Extremism" and  how abysmally Washington is failing in this area for all the tough talk, also The Nation. Some notable excerpts:The Republicans are playing Russian roulette with America's future with their bigoted anti-Muslim rhetoric. Muslims may constitute as much as a third of humankind by 2050, forming a vast market and a crucial labor pool. They will be sitting on the lion's share of the … [Read more...]

The menace of ‘Islamofascism” in Europe, small potatoes beside the resurgence of real Fascism

There's an insightful article in the January 7, 2008 issue of The Nation by Gary Younge entitled "In Europe, Where's the Hate?" on the abject hypocrisy of some of the shrillest voices in Western societies baying for Muslim blood...err, I mean... speaking out against 'Islamofascism'  The article begins as follows: Over the past year or so the rural Italian idyll of Colle di Val d'Elsa has played host to a bitter battle for Enlightenment values. On one side, the hamlet's small … [Read more...]

Food for thought on domestic terror cases

Consider the case of Peter Limone, Joseph Salvati, Henry Tameleo, and Louis Greco as you examine the latest sensational charges against Muslims and Muslim organizations today. These unfortunate gentlemen were framed for murder in 1965 with the knowledge of FBI officials. U.S. Told to Pay $101 Million for Framing 4 Men - New York Times In what appears to be the largest sum of money ever awarded to people who were wrongfully convicted, a judge today ordered the federal government to pay $101.8 … [Read more...]

The latest gem from Schizopher Hitchens on Islam

Got into a "What's wrong with the 'What's wrong with Islam'-discussion"-discussion over on Jewcy, a Jewish community blog. Progressive Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein of Tikkun Olam had rightly taken Christopher Hitchens to task for his latest bit of myopic sophistry on Islam--in this case, Hitchens claimed that the word "Islam" is not really related to "peace" because it involves , gasp, "peace through submission".  A petty, trivial point in the … [Read more...]

Using the Wikipedia model to fight Islamophobia

I posted a query on Eteraz.org. Eteraz.org || An "Answering Islamophobia" Wiki? I know there are a number of websites out there that counter myths and propaganda about Islam, but are there any that are any that facilitate Wiki-style decentralized collaboration?   I'm sure I'm not the only person here who has often found himself reinventing the wheel (not to mention wasting limited time) when responding to all these Islamobhopic canards that masquerade as common sense in the … [Read more...]

What about the threat from Christians in our midst?

Thought I'd share this inspired quip from Freedom Rider (emphasis added): The right wing are going nuts because of a poll that showed 8% of American Muslims approving of suicide bombing in some cases. So, a majority of Muslims are opposed to terrorism. They certainly aren't like Christians. A majority of them are in favor of torture and a majority of them are in favor of deliberately targeting civilians in warfare.  Thank God for Muslims. Hopefully they will keep those crazy Christians in … [Read more...]

The resurrection of Willie Horton in the age of Islamophobia (repost)

[I'm reposting this because of a technical problem that I think prevented it from getting distributed properly to people using RSS readers.]Here's Mark Steyn on opponents to militarism that he encounters when doing radio interviews on NPR and similar outlets.SteynOnline - KEEPING CALM But, when, as they often do, they cite Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi, I point out that we’re not always as fortunate to find ourselves up against such relatively benign enemies as British imperial a … [Read more...]

Speaking of nonviolence and the MSM

A few days ago, I argued that nonviolent resistance is not always an effective option in  our day's conflicts thanks to the corporate media's dereliction of its duty to report war's human toll and cited the ironfisted way Israeli troops tend to deal with even peaceful protests by Palestinians. I wrote Palestinians who stick flowers into IDF gun muzzles are likely to catch a gun butt or rubber bullet in the face.  So their options are a lot more limited than those of protesters in … [Read more...]