Fair enough, but kindly direct me to all the non-Palestinian Gandhis out there today.

Needless to say, I don't often find myself tempted to link to The Weekly Standard on much of anything, let alone the Middle East peace process. Its editor Bill Kristol is, after all, a proverbial hawk and neocon, one of the thought (mis-)leaders whose Ahab-like ideological obsessions and truly abysmal geopolitical prognostications helped drag America over the cliff after 9/11 into a chasm of dangerous war-mongering and grossly unconstitutional lawlessness.Nonetheless, the current issue has … [Read more...]

Israeli econ. blockade devastates 52% of Gazan households

Israel's curious pursuit of "peace" with Palestinians. Consider it a reverse Marshall Plan.MIDEAST: Poverty in Gaza Hits "Unprecedented" Level (IPS)In both the West Bank and Gaza, young people aged 15 to 24 are the most likely of any group to be unemployed, while the number of households in Gaza below the poverty line has reached an historic high of nearly 52 percent, according to a new report by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) issued Thursday.There's more.More like "Rest in … [Read more...]

Johann Hari: The loathsome smearing of Israel’s critics

Examples like this is why I get such a kick out of the complaints about the supposedly inordinate influence of CAIR and Muslims in general in American politics. As if Muslims can generate a fraction of the heat constantly unleashed by all these pro-Israeli pressure groups.But frank discussions of the predations against open debate by the imaginary yet curiously powerful and visible Israeli Lobby is to traffic in conspiracy theories, so I'll shut up. Conspiracy theories about pro Israeli pressure … [Read more...]

Tikun Olam on Hamas & the “destruction of Israel” canard

Richard Silverstein over at Tikun Olam posted a gutsy debunking of the latest "evidence" being held by war-mongerers up as proof of Hamas (and, by unspoken but unmistakable extension, all who support the Palestinian right to self-defense) being frothing at the mouth with genocidal anti-Jew hatred. This kind of hysterical and offensively dehumanizing rhetoric is not only misleading and dis-informative vis-a-vis the realities on the ground in the conflict, but highly counterproductive to … [Read more...]

The emperors will never realize they’re naked

so long as their tutors have a vested interest in them remaining so. Perhaps this isn't an entirely fair association given how Prince Alwaleed happens unlike so many of his kith and kin at the top of Saudi society to be cosmopolitan, reform-minded and professionally accomplished in the real world, but for me this picture from an article on his even-by-gazillionaire-standards extravagant purchase of a jumbo jet  (CNN: "Airbus: Prince buys flying palace", found via Muse's … [Read more...]

Khaleeji Consumption Disorder and other postcolonial malaises

There is something profoundly disturbing about the way a few of the more "modern" nationlets of the Gulf seem to frantically write out lavish checks¬† to prove themselves to their former colonial masters and new geopolitical patrons.¬† You name it--if it's a sign of prestige in the eyes of Westerners, they rush out to buy it, it seems. To the extent of the absurdity bribing African athletes to temporarily become their citizens and run for them in the Olympics. I have no doubt that some of these l … [Read more...]

The eerie familiarity of Ehud Olmert’s problems

Doesn't this report about embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have an eerily familiar ring to post-9/11 American ears? IPS : Peter Hirshberg - Noose Tightens Around Olmert It [a government report] accused him of going to war "hastily", of lacking a "detailed military plan", and of "a serious failure in exercising judgment, responsibility and prudence." Political leaders, public figures and most of the country's leading columnists have repeatedly called on the prime minister to resign. … [Read more...]

Israeli use of “human shields”

Only Arabs and Muslims are so cowardly and barbaric as to stoop to using civilians as human shields, right?  Wrong.BBC NEWS - Israel 'human shield' suspension The Israeli army says it has suspended a commander after the unit he led was accused of using Palestinians as human shields in a West Bank raid. Amateur video footage shot earlier this week showed Israeli soldiers apparently forcing Palestinians to stand in front of their armoured jeep.And before we write this off as an aberration, … [Read more...]