More links on Gaza

For those looking to get up to speed on Israel's inhumane attacks on Gaza, Islamicate has an excellent roundup (one which kindly refers to moi).Thought I'd add a few additional useful links: Stephen M. Walt: Israel's military power hasn't improved its strategic position and friends of the Jewish state must point out its mistakes--beginning with Gaza The co-author of  "The Israel Lobby" questions the wide spread assumption of near-Solomonic wisdom, competence … [Read more...]

A more accurate analogy for Americans observing the Israeli onslaught in Gaza

Thanks to Al-Hewar's email bulletin, I've belatedly discovered this refreshingly level-headed and honest op-ed from a week ago by Jewish American professor and activist Randall Kuhn, which points out the inanity and moral repugnance of the "America would do the same" analogies trotted out by so many spineless American politicians to justify Israel's carnage in Gaza. Washington Times - KUHN: When Israel expelled Palestinians: (emphasis added) In the wake of … [Read more...]

Israeli econ. blockade devastates 52% of Gazan households

Israel's curious pursuit of "peace" with Palestinians. Consider it a reverse Marshall Plan.MIDEAST: Poverty in Gaza Hits "Unprecedented" Level (IPS)In both the West Bank and Gaza, young people aged 15 to 24 are the most likely of any group to be unemployed, while the number of households in Gaza below the poverty line has reached an historic high of nearly 52 percent, according to a new report by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) issued Thursday.There's more.More like "Rest in … [Read more...]

Aren’t Obama’s critics the ones who keep getting “duped”?

The ever insightful Jim Lobe injects some perspective into the vacuous Beltway debate about Obama's alleged naivete in being committed to talking rather than shooting first in the Middle » Blog Archive » The Chalabsey Twins*Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman have been traveling around the country together repeatedly charging that Sen. Barack Obama’s foreign-policy ideas are “naive” and even “reckless.” But what they hope their audiences will forget is that both of the … [Read more...]

Johann Hari: The loathsome smearing of Israel’s critics

Examples like this is why I get such a kick out of the complaints about the supposedly inordinate influence of CAIR and Muslims in general in American politics. As if Muslims can generate a fraction of the heat constantly unleashed by all these pro-Israeli pressure groups.But frank discussions of the predations against open debate by the imaginary yet curiously powerful and visible Israeli Lobby is to traffic in conspiracy theories, so I'll shut up. Conspiracy theories about pro Israeli pressure … [Read more...]

IPS: “Iraq Invasion – 5 Years On”

Rather than summarize its latest reports myself, I'll just share the latest newsletter (which you should be getting if you're looking for sober, honest analysis of US foreign policy) from the Inter Press Service News Agency in Washington, DC. IPS has a fraction of a fraction of the resources of MSM outlets, but runs rings around them in terms of insight and topicalness.5th Anniversary of the War in Iraq===================================Why Did the U.S. Invade Iraq?      Analysis … [Read more...]

Juan Cole on ‘Combatting Muslim Extremism’

While I'm at it, a month earlier Juan Cole had wrote an astute assessment of "Combating Muslim Extremism" and  how abysmally Washington is failing in this area for all the tough talk, also The Nation. Some notable excerpts:The Republicans are playing Russian roulette with America's future with their bigoted anti-Muslim rhetoric. Muslims may constitute as much as a third of humankind by 2050, forming a vast market and a crucial labor pool. They will be sitting on the lion's share of the … [Read more...]

The eerie familiarity of Ehud Olmert’s problems

Doesn't this report about embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have an eerily familiar ring to post-9/11 American ears? IPS : Peter Hirshberg - Noose Tightens Around Olmert It [a government report] accused him of going to war "hastily", of lacking a "detailed military plan", and of "a serious failure in exercising judgment, responsibility and prudence." Political leaders, public figures and most of the country's leading columnists have repeatedly called on the prime minister to resign. … [Read more...]