The long overdue end to the Neocon nightmare

An inspired and inspiring polemic ("End of the Neo-Cons") has been loosed on the lunacy gripping Washington for so long and whose epic blunders just resulted in the Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives for the first time in over a decade in the Toronto Star by David Olive. If there's any rhetorical mistep in this eloquent and exhaustive broadside at Neocon folly it is Olive's somewhat toothless opining about the possibility that the "neo-cons will have earned … [Read more...]

Europe fiddles as Gaza crumbles under Israel’s siege

Jonathan Steele in The Guardian provides an antidote to the blindly pro-Israeli sophistry we're hearing in the "mainstream" media in the USA ("Europe's response to the siege of Gaza is shameful") at the moment. I think all his charges are sadly borne out by the evidence.Thank God for real supporters of Israel like Gideon Levy who understand that peace can never be gained by waging an endless undeclared war.Thank goodness for the Swiss. Alone in Europe, their government has … [Read more...]

Who recognizes Gaza’s “right to exist”? (repost)

[Sorry for yet another re-post.  Was dissatisfied with the wording, as usual.] Haroon at avari-nameh has summed up well the profoundly immoral doublestandards on lurid display in the standoff between Israel and the Palestinians at the moment.In order to bully the Hamas-led government into forcing some militants to hand over an abducted Israeli colonel--At the very same time that it continues to blow up people's cars from the air, it should be noted--Israel has intentionally bombed the … [Read more...]

Who recognizes Gaza’s “right to exist”?

This post has been moved to here. … [Read more...]

Fishy “Muslims” caught in the Seas of David

In a first in the post-9/11 political era, Muslim leaders in Miami have responded to the furor over the recently apprehended bomb plotters against the Sears Towers by arguing that  the culprits are not Muslims.  (CAIR also refuted the link and urged the media to refrain from referring to them as Muslims.)  They'd know, and I don't think this is something a community could get away with lying about.  These leaders know very well that if these individuals really are  … [Read more...]

Norm Solomon on selective outrage over barbarism

The ever insightful Norm Soloman on the consequences of the American media's spineless and selective coverage of wartime atrocities in "Their Barbarism, and Ours" : "The story really takes us back into the 8th century, a truly barbaric world," John Burns said. He was speaking Tuesday night on the PBS "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer," describing what happened to two U.S. soldiers whose bodies had just been found. Evidently they were victims of atrocities, and no one should … [Read more...]

The usual dehumanizing (and absurd) assumptions about Muslims

Commenting on the apparent coverup campaign by the Israeli military of its shelling of a Palestinian family that was picnicing on the beach,  Jonathan Cook provides an excellent illustration of the unspoken dehumanizing assumptions of  Muslims being congenitally irrational and prone to violence that infect so much coverage in the Western media.  [HT: Mostly Water] From "Israel Engineers Another Cover-Up" in CounterPunch:  The army has been claiming for more than a … [Read more...]

How about policing OUR arms shipments?

There's a shocking report in The Guardian about mind-bogglingly lax and irresponsible monitoring by the Pentagon of shipments of tens of thousands of small arms over the last few years from Bosnia to Iraq via a murky constellation of private firms. Now, reflect upon this bizarre news and consider how Muslims and Muslim organizations have been treated as terrorism supporters for contributing to charities which are undeniably doing legitimate humanitarian work but which might, unknown to them, … [Read more...]