National Review on Denmark’s “Democratic Muslims”

There's an unremarkable piece in The National Review by Andrew Stuttaford on Denmark's Naser Khader and his Democratic Muslims group. Predictably, the article cites Ahmed Akkari's infamous quip about killing Khader by blowing up the Ministry of Integration as prima facie proof of dangerous extremism, as opposed to what such silly melodramatic declarations generally are in the real world, exagerrations for dramatic effect and/or rants to let off steam. Yes, I said "silly", not … [Read more...]

Hamas is the Solution

In the Sunday edition of the Washington Post, there was a photo of some Palestinian girls walking by a wall covered in Arabic graffiti.  It read "Islam is the solution" (as in al-islaam howa al-Haal). The caption underneath mistranslated it as "Hamas is the solution"! How fitting.  A generic, almost trite, religious slogan that one hears at every turn in the Middle East (and even in places where Muslims do not speak Arabic) gets utterly misinterpreted and … [Read more...]

Mind-boggling corruption by neocon cronies

There's a really sickening and eye-opening article in The American Conservative explosing the incredible corruption and financial mismanagement that occured under the CPA in Iraq.  Billions of dollars have literally disappeared into thin air. This is how we spread democracy and rule of law?  And what of this administration's much vaunted "executive" management style?  How could all this money be floating around without even the most basic security and accounting … [Read more...]

Democracy by force

Spanish journalist  Mariano Aguirre has written a new piece in on Michael Ignatieff (see my previous entry) with a hardhitting discussion of the problematic aspects of  American democracy promotion efforts.  Aguirre raises some legitimate concerns about the failures of the American political system today  and whether we really are in a position to preach about democracy to other countries, much less impose our model of it on them. He also highlights the way … [Read more...]