Jesus Knows Exactly What You Need

The biblical accounts of Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene and to the Apostle Thomas is endlessly fascinating to compare.When Mary Magdalene, overwhelmed with joy at seeing Christ risen from the dead, exclaims, "Teacher!" She is told, "Do not cling to me but go, instead, and tell the others what you've seen."She is, it seems, reproofed for her joy.When the Apostle Thomas, however, isn't among the other apostles when Christ first appears he claims that he won't believe until he can p … [Read more...]

I Am But Dust and Ashes

I tore a hole in my brand new coat.My brand new coat.We are by no means poor but we are thrifty and conservative with our spending so a new coat, which I haven't had in years, was a source of some excitement for me. I loved the feeling---the thrill---of something new to wear; I was happy.And it happened in a flash.Our son, a fussy nearly-two-year-old, was throwing a bit of a tantrum when I wouldn't let him hold the screwdriver. The screwdriver I was trying to use to assemble his … [Read more...]

How I Learned to Discern to God’s Will (And Also How Not To)

 The whole thing---the will of God thing---is tricky.As a teenager, in Evangelical circles, it was worn like something of a badge of honour: A young adult tromping off in this or that direction---following this or that fancy---would declare it to be the unequivocal "Will of God" and entertain no detractors.It was a Trump Card---in every sense of the word.But how we discerned such an important thing---what God wanted from us---what such a convoluted, serpentine … [Read more...]

Creflo Dollar Made Me a Catholic

 The prosperity Gospel movement is bizarre given that Jesus was unequivocal about wealth but, like the secular spirituality of many popular American celebrities, the movement soldiers on.While it might be a stretch to say that someone like Creflo Dollar made me a Catholic it would be accurate to say that the possibility of theological interpretations like Dollar's are, in large part, what's driven me in my search for deeper truth.A search which has landed me on the doorstep of … [Read more...]

If The Bible Is Infallible Then So Is The Church

A paradigm shift occurs when the number of compelling facts and figures from a competing world view other than your own forces you to concede your position---and adopt another.It happens like this.Facts and information enter your radar which you perhaps hadn't considered before. They challenge your perspective, opinions, and ultimately, your view of the world. As more and more of these new arguments and ideas pile up the lens through which you've previously understood much of reality … [Read more...]

Everything I Never Knew About the Rosary

I never thought I'd be the sort of person---the sort of Christian---that prays the Rosary.That said, I never thought I'd be the sort of Christian that was a Catholic either.But, in the end, it turns out that praying the Rosary, in more ways than not, made me a Catholic. And changed my life.What I'd thought,as a younger Evangelical was merely a kind of cultural superstition turns out to be one of the most gratifying, uplifting, and powerful Christian devotions. And while there … [Read more...]

Why I Pray to Dead People (And You Should Too!)

It was a Sunday morning after our ten o'clock service. I was in my final year of high school, maybe first year of university. It was billed as, I think, a "family Bible study" and part of a rigorous Adult Sunday School program which my Pentecostal church took great pride in.It was my first encounter with praying to the dead.The Senior Pastor leading the Bible study was working his way, slowly and methodically, through the anonymous Letter to the Hebrews. He was meticulous.I can … [Read more...]

Catholics Got It Wrong (Except for the Bible)

Dale Ahlquist is the brother-in-law of the late, great Larry Norman---arguably one of God's greatest gifts to Christian music. Ahlquist is also the president of the American Chesterton Society and a convert to the Catholic Church from Evangelical Protestantism. As Ahlquist tells in his own conversion story, it was Norman, an Evangelical, who first encouraged him to read G.K. Chesterton and it was Chesterton, once an Anglican, who convinced Ahlquist to become a Catholic.As Chesterton himself t … [Read more...]

Is Protestantism a System Designed to Fail?

If you know anything  about my journey towards the Catholic Church you'll know that it had, in the beginning at least, a lot to do with the authority of the Bible.That's where it began.After some exposure to the Catholic Church through a podcasting priest from the Netherlands, a Protestant pastor and close friend asked me that fateful question, "What's more important, tradition or the Bible?"My journey took me to reading a lot of Catholic writers, of looking more closely at the his … [Read more...]

What Evangelicals Don’t Know About the Rosary

For all good Evangelicals, myself included, Mary is the ultimate stumbling block on a journey into full Catholic communion.This wasn't so for the first 1,500 years of Church history.Martin Luther one of the earliest Protestant reformers held strong and fast to Marian doctrine---even doctrine, like her perpetual virginity, which couldn't be strongly backed up by his sola scriptura theology.As an Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church, I didn't have such a hard time with M … [Read more...]