A Famous Convert’s Challenge to Non-Catholic Christians

Dr. Peter Kreeft is a philosopher, theologian, and famous Catholic convert from Calvinism. He's a highly sought-after speaker, a prolific writer (of profound talent), and if you haven't heard of him before, I'm happy to introduce you.In the esteemed tradition of Christian giants like C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton, Kreeft delivers deep theological truths in a snappy and relevant way---something others of us, yours truly included, struggle with daily. Kreeft makes it look easy; his ability to … [Read more...]

Dear New Catholic Converts: Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

The decision to become a Catholic, as an Evangelical Christian, is an earth-shattering decision to make.It's a paradigm shift---requiring a complete re-orientation of standards, values, and worldview.Douglas Beaumont, a theologian and convert himself, describes the experience of converting to Catholicism more akin to moving from Atheism to Christianity than to moving from one denomination to another.It's not as simple as taking your ball to play on another court, it's trading in your … [Read more...]

You “Cultural Catholics” Are Killing Me

As I stood in what seemed like the longest line on earth---penance for something, somewhere, I'm sure---I couldn't help but notice the exaggerated golden crucifix hanging around the neck of the nearest cashier.The cashier who ever... so... slowly bagged item after agonizing item for the shoppers ahead of me as if she were a robot whose batteries were just... about... fully... drained.In the twelve eternal minutes I spent waiting, I rolled my eyes so many times I'd be surprised if I h … [Read more...]

It’s Lent: Prepare to be Tempted

One of the ever-bearing gifts of the Catholic Church is incredible depth of her teaching. Spanning over two thousand years the Church boasts incredible thinkers from Augustine to Aquinas; from Henri Nouwen to Cardinal Newman; from St. Francis of Assisi to, one of my personal favourites, St. Francis de Sales.Living and writing some 400 years ago, St. Francis de Sales was Bishop of Geneva at a time of crisis for the Christian Church. He stands out for his poignant responses to the early Pr … [Read more...]

Creflo Dollar Made Me a Catholic

 The prosperity Gospel movement is bizarre given that Jesus was unequivocal about wealth but, like the secular spirituality of many popular American celebrities, the movement soldiers on.While it might be a stretch to say that someone like Creflo Dollar made me a Catholic it would be accurate to say that the possibility of theological interpretations like Dollar's are, in large part, what's driven me in my search for deeper truth.A search which has landed me on the doorstep of … [Read more...]

I’m Giving Up Complaining for Lent (and I Already Hate It)

Every Lent, for the past several years, I've given up complaining.It's liberating.And soul-making.And hard.Complaining is one of those things that just doesn't seem very Christian.Complaint is the salve of the soul, said no saint ever.And although a fairly sufficient argument could be made that Job, one of the most famous characters in the Old Testament, was a voracious complainer he was, likewise, roundly rebuked.By the Almighty, nonetheless.No, complaining does n … [Read more...]

What I Wish I’d Known About Catholics (And Why I Became One Once I Did)

I'm a Catholic, but I didn't begin as one.I began my faith journey at the age of fifteen when, with the help of a good friend, I decided to become a Christian; an Evangelical Protestant, although I didn't know the particular brand name at the time. And I meant well. I found a local Pentecostal church populated by a group of devout young Christian who welcomed me unequivocally. We were a motley crew. I fit right in.Then in university, at a time when so many Christians lose their faith and … [Read more...]

The Evangelical Church is Broken (A Love Letter)

I once watched a debate on biblical authority between a Catholic priest and an Evangelical pastor.It was going as well as a debate could go until the very end when the pastor wheeled a large suitcase onto the stage. He began, slowly, to unpack the contents of the suitcase onto his podium: four enormous tomes."This," he declared dramatically, "Is everything you need to know to be a Catholic."He paused for effect before continuing, "And this is all you need to know to be a Protestant!" … [Read more...]

The Reformation is Over So Why Aren’t You Catholic?

There's a quotation buried near the end of a rather obscure book review by Protestant theologian Carl Trueman that I've hung on to for quite some time now.It's a good one, and I'll share it in a second.But I share it, only now, because I've just come across it again in the foreword to a book of Catholic conversion stories. The quote was proffered by Francis Beckwith a rather famous Catholic convert in his own right as the then President of the Evangelical Theological Society (an i … [Read more...]

Dear Catholics: Unsolicited Advice from an Evangelical Convert

I am a recovering Evangelical.At the age of fifteen I had a coming-of-age epiphany, realized that the world extended beyond my doorstep, and became a Christian.I "grew up" in the Evangelical stream of things because those are the sort of people I knew, they helped me get saved, and fifteen years later through a combination of serendipity, reading and reading and reading, and resisting the Holy Spirit for only as long as humanly possible I became a Roman Catholic.It was a good choice, … [Read more...]