If the Church is a Field Hospital, Lent is Our Medicine

Early in his pontificate, Pope Francis likened the Catholic Church to a field hospital.Rather than a stuffy religious organization, the Holy Father urged us to view the Church as a kind of guerrilla movement---tending to the sick and wounded on the battlefield.Frankly, this sounds an awful lot like the Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed.I have a feeling Pope Francis is on to something.A wise, non-Catholic friend of mine, once remarked that if the Church truly is like a hospital … [Read more...]

The New Year’s Resolution Every Catholic Should Be Making

With the declaration, by Pope Francis, of this year as a special Jubilee Year of Mercy Catholics all over the world are being called to demonstrate what is meant to be that chief Christian virtue: Mercy.And if you, like most of us, are up for adopting a soon-to-be-shamefully-abandoned New Year's resolution then this is the perfect one for you: have mercy.Have mercy.To say that Christians should be known for their mercy goes, I guess, without saying. Mercy, Pope Francis says, is "the … [Read more...]

No, You Don’t Know The Pope

I'm an emotional guy. This is no secret.I'm known to break down in tears rather easily.When our son was born, I cried like a baby when my parents arrived at our door with armloads of frozen meals to sustain us for a week.To be fair, I think I was well within my rights in that particular occasion.Still, I wasn't altogether surprised to find myself overcome with emotions more than once during the coverage of Pope Francis's American papal visit.I cried when Francis kissed that b … [Read more...]