A Famous Convert’s Challenge to Non-Catholic Christians

Dr. Peter Kreeft is a philosopher, theologian, and famous Catholic convert from Calvinism. He's a highly sought-after speaker, a prolific writer (of profound talent), and if you haven't heard of him before, I'm happy to introduce you.In the esteemed tradition of Christian giants like C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton, Kreeft delivers deep theological truths in a snappy and relevant way---something others of us, yours truly included, struggle with daily. Kreeft makes it look easy; his ability to … [Read more...]

Shouldn’t Christian Unity Be More Important Than We Make It?

When Jesus prayed, in the Gospel of John, for all future Christians he prayed, "that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you."  (John 17:21a)This kind of closeness---this kind of unity---is difficult to imagine.God, as we understand Him, is triune: Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit existing in one and the same Being. One beautiful old hymn reminds us, "The Godhead, three-in-one."This is a closeness we cannot yet fathom.And this is the … [Read more...]

So You Might Be a Heretic…

When Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church he was almost immediately rebuked by his Catholic interlocutors.It was St. Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva, who wrote authoritatively in response to Luther's anti-Church movement---a text which remains one of my favourite treaties on the Catholic faith.Calling Luther's re-interpretations of ancient Catholic doctrines a "novelty" St. Francis took Luther to task for inventing new interpretations … [Read more...]

The Reformation is Over So Why Aren’t You Catholic?

There's a quotation buried near the end of a rather obscure book review by Protestant theologian Carl Trueman that I've hung on to for quite some time now.It's a good one, and I'll share it in a second.But I share it, only now, because I've just come across it again in the foreword to a book of Catholic conversion stories. The quote was proffered by Francis Beckwith a rather famous Catholic convert in his own right as the then President of the Evangelical Theological Society (an i … [Read more...]

Five Things You Need to Know About the Protestant Reformation

The Lutheran church down the street from our house has a sign that proudly proclaims, Reformation Sunday Celebrating 499 years of the Protestant Church It makes me feel a bit nauseous every time I pass because there's one thing we shouldn't be doing as we consider the 499th anniversary of the Reformation it's celebrating.Now I know there are those---scores of them---that see the Reformation as the virtuous Christians ripping the true Christian Church out of the clutches of the evil and c … [Read more...]

When Did the Historic Church Lose its Way?

 As an Evangelical Protestant convert to Catholicism one of the most common objections I hear to the Catholic Church is an earnest one,"The Church lost its way when it began to add stuff."The line of thinking runs like this:Somewhere along the way, usually in the very early centuries, the Church got confused. They fell into a Old Testament legalistic tangle, they began to venerate the saints and Mary, and they effectively Romanized---becoming unrecognizable as the Church we r … [Read more...]

I Used To Be A Christian

This post is a part of the Patheos Catholic Channel series, "Catholicity: Identity and Its Discontents." Read more here.I used to be a Christian.As a fifteen year-old, my conversion to Christianity was something radical. Out of all the stories that we tell ourselves, about ourselves, this was one of the ones that defined me.I was a Christian.And I was the whole kit and caboodle: a sinner right down to the core but trying hard. I read my Bible and prayed; I went to youth group and … [Read more...]

What If Catholics Are Right?

What if the claims of the Catholic Church are true?What if Catholics are right?What would you do?What if you were humming along in your faith journey---a happy Evangelical Christian---when a warm encounter with a nun, a friar, or a Catholic priest suddenly stopped you in your tracks?What if their genuine faith and humility was the sudden jolt your soul needed to stop and wonder about what made Catholics tick?And what if you dug a little deeper?What if something you read i … [Read more...]

What Would the Early Church Look Like If I Had a Time Machine?

What would the Early Christian Church look like if through the miracle of time travel we went back to the very beginning?What would it look like if we had a time machine?I first heard that question put by Dr. Peter Kreeft an Evangelical convert to Catholicism and intellectually gifted professor of philosophy at Boston College in the United States.I really hadn’t thought about it before. But it’s a upon closer inspection it’s a profoundly interesting question and it brought, for me, tw … [Read more...]

The Most Important Thing Non-Catholics Needs to Know About Catholicism

For fifteen years I was an evangelical Protestant. Then, two years ago at Easter I became a Roman Catholic.I began thinking about the Catholic Church nearly a decade ago. Then I began reading.First, from other Protestants who converted to Catholicism. I had questions similar to theirs. Then, from the Early Church Fathers, those closest to Jesus and His apostles, writing just after the time of the New Testament. And then, I read what Catholicism great thinkers and theologians had to say a … [Read more...]