A Lesson on the Universal Church

I had the day off work so, naturally, I was looking for a place to go for daily Mass.No, I'm not really that pious but I try and I thought I'd try something new this time.One thing I love about the Catholic Church is its universality.Truly, the Catholic Church looks like the Church described in the Bible. The Church that Jesus prayed for in his High Priestly Prayer; the Church written about by the apostles---like when Paul wrote that we are one Church and celebrate one Euch … [Read more...]

The Church is Universal, And It’s Not

As a Protestant converting to Catholicism the idea that the Catholic Church is universal has enormous appeal. The idea that I can attend the same Mass in Waterloo, Toronto, Boston, or South Africa is incredibly attractive. The Church, universal in that sense, is pretty incredible to a Protestant like me.At the same time, the Catholic Church isn't the same everywhere and as I learn more about unique identities within the Church I'm glad for this, too. … [Read more...]