I didn’t think this needed to be said, but apparently it does …

To any person who takes issue with me or the opinions I have expressed here, I encourage them to weigh the importance of such concerns against the importance of taking collective action as Pagans in face of the climate crisis. [Read more…]

“Seeing of ourselves in each other”: The Supreme Court redraws the marriage equality map

“Justice grows out of recognition of ourselves in each other.” I believe this. And that is why I think the most important part of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision was not the legal analysis, but the stories of the people whose lives are most affected by this decision. [Read more…]

Global Eco-Paganism: Czech Republic

It is not about us taking care of the Planet which is somehow ours like a garden property outside our house. We are the very Planet. And we need to save ourselves and stop ignoring the facts. The waste, the toxic substances, the pollution, the greenhouse gases: they won’t go away because we pretend they don’t exist. Of all the bad things, ignorance is the worst, I believe. It is ignorance that we need to get rid of. Now. Before it’s too late for us. [Read more…]

“Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferia Path”

Jo Carson’s book, Celebrate Wildness: Magic, Mirth and Love on the Feraferia Path, is a work of magic. It is as close to an immersive experience as you can get with paper and ink. Reading it is like eating a sumptuous meal. In fact, to say that one “reads” this book does not do justice to experience that is Celebrate Wildness. Celebrate Wildness felt a little like an initiation. [Read more…]

A Radical Pagan Pope?

While the Pope comes to many right conclusions about anthropogenic climate change and the limits of capitalism, his environmental encyclical is nevertheless plagued by a lingering anthropocentrism which he never manages to root out. [Read more…]

Eco-Consciousness and Collective Environmental Action: An Interview by Amy Blackthorn from the Sunday Stew

[Note: It was initially represented to me by Amy Blackthorn that the Sunday Stew had declined to publish this interview because I missed the deadline. Since then, the editor of the Sunday Stew, Kallan Kennedy, has advised me that she declined to publish the interview because of a post I wrote here at The Allergic Pagan. I’m [Read More…]