Varieties of Polytheism®

Tree Incarnation by Mark Henson

There are also other forms of polytheism, in addition to a Jungian “polytheism”, which don’t really fit in the narrow definition of “the belief in and veneration of multiple Deities as distinctly independent Beings external to the human mind.” [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Call Myself a Polytheist


In the recent debate over my alleged misappropriation of the term “polytheist”, I think something small, but significant got lost in the debate: I never actually called myself a polytheist. The offending post was entitled “(Neo-)Paganism is Paradox”, and it listed nine theological concepts which characterize my Neo-Paganism, including panentheism, polarity, process, and … yes, [Read More...]

Pagan Tea Time with Rhyd Wildermuth

I was very excited when Rhyd Wildermuth asked me if I’d like to have Pagan Tea Time with him over Skype.  For one thing, if you follow my blog, you know I idolize Rhyd a bit.  I was a bit reticent, though, because we are very different people.  Would we have anything to talk about?  [Read More...]

What I believe, just me and no one else

1. I believe the archetypes are gods. … 5. I believe we have common ground. … 10. I believe that, if you disagree with me, you can say what you want on your private blog.
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(Neo-)Paganism is Paradox


Neo-Paganism, as I understand it, is a paradoxical religion which holds that the complexity of divinity cannot be contained in any one creed or any single image of divinity. Therefore, my Neo-Paganism embraces paradox. Here is a primer on my Neo-Pagan theology encapsulated in nine paradoxes (all starting with “P”). [Read more...]

2013 Year in Review: Blog posts that should have gotten more attention (Part 2)

It’s past time I published part 2 of my 2013 Year in Review, in which I highlight some blog posts that I would like to have seen get more attention last year: posts from Alison Leigh Lilly, Julian Betkowski, and Rhyd Wildermuth. [Read more...]

The Year in Review: Blog posts that should have gotten more attention (Part 1)

Instead of writing about our controversies, I want to highlight some posts that I read this year that I think should have gotten much more attention than they did — posts that are personal and practical, about communing with nature, with our gods, with each other, and with our Deep Selves. [Read more...]

“I am become the Sun …”: What Baby Jesus means to this Pagan

"Virgin and Child" by WIlliam Adolphe-Bougeureau (1888)

As surely as a part of me died when I left Mormonism, something new was born inside of me, which eventually flowered into my Pagan faith. [Read more...]

Putting Mabon Back in Christmas


Whenever I hear a Neo-Pagan say that the winter solstice is a “minor Sabbat”, I can’t help but roll my eyes. What makes it “minor”? The fact that Margaret Murray only listed the cross-quarters as witches’ sabbats? Because Gerald Gardner only added the quarter days as an afterthought? I suspect that this “minor” stuff is just a way of trying to keep Yule from becoming Christmas (which is anything but minor). [Read more...]

Being a Privileged Pagan


While the Goddess was having cakes and ale at Pagan Spirit Gathering, many lawyers and middle-class soccer dads were eating with her and her circle, for there were many who followed her. When the transexual devotional polytheist saw her eating with the lawyers and the soccer dads, they asked the Pagans: ‘Why does she eat with lawyers and soccer dads?’ On hearing this, the Goddess said to them, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.’ [Read more...]