Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Gods

We don’t own our myths … or our gods … or their images. And we shouldn’t act like we do. There will always be other people will understand them differently. The way they understand them may not be sacred to us, but we still have got to respect that they are sacred to them. [Read more…]

Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #9 Ground Your Rituals

One thing you can do to honor the Earth this Earth Day is to help reground our Pagan rituals. Let’s begin by asking the hard questions: Do our rituals help us experience the natural world or do they actually cut us off from it? Do our circles connect us to others or cut us off from the rest of the world? Is our Paganism too inwardly-focused? Is our connection to the “elements” just in our heads? Is our magic just another attempt to achieve mastery over the natural world? How “earth-centered” is our Paganism really? [Read more…]

“Naturalistic Polytheism and Our Patron Goddess” by Tom L. Waters

UUs, as individuals, certainly find transformation through many different processes–we serve (and are saved by) many different gods. But is there a distinctively UU god, a particular transformative process that we partake in collectively, our special patron in the naturalistic pantheon? [Read more…]

Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #10 Talk About Climate Change

Despite the overwhelming weight of the scientific consensus about anthropogenic (human made) climate change, it can be daunting for a lay person to talk about it publicly. One thing you can do to honor the Earth on Earth Day is to learn how to talk about climate change. [Read more…]

10 Days and 2,000 Signatures to Go! Help Spread the Word!

We just passed 8,000 signatures for A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment!  From over 80 countries around the world!  We have just 10 more days until Earth Day 2016.  Help us get 10,000 signatures.  Here’s what you can do:  Share this link on Facebook and other social media by clicking the links at the [Read More…]

Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #11 Become a Social Justice Warrior

While climate change affects us all, there are some populations who are more vulnerable than others, including low-income communities, communities of color, coastal communities, and communities on the front lines of fossil fuel extraction. One way you can honor the Earth this Earth Day is to become a social justice warrior — and to reclaim that term from its detractors. [Read more…]