There’s being Earth-centered, and then there’s being earth-centered: why both are important

I recently made two attempts to explain why I think why our subjective experience should be given as much importance in our discourse as our attempts to bracket that subjectivity in favor of the ideal of scientific objectivity.  This discussion was framed in terms of the relative value of geo-centric and helio-centric perspectives on the [Read More…]

Straight talk about the Pagan identity crisis

You have got to check out B.T. Newberg’s newest post at Pagan Naturally, “The ‘Pagan’ question: Beyond belief-blindness“.  He writes about the chronic debate about the meaning of Pagan, and states “in no uncertain terms what’s really going on: It’s about kicking people out” (emphasis added).  I think he’s right.  B.T. goes on to reveal [Read More…]

Making my career serve my vocation

I awoke this morning to the sound of a bird chirping for the first time this year.  I’ve seen a few wild geese returning in the past week.  And when I walked into my office today, I just caught sight of a red-breasted robin outside my window.  Spring is around the corner, but there are [Read More…]

Blog Roll: “Atheist” Pagans, Mormons, and more

There’s just been too much cool stuff to write about lately.  So I’m going to hit several items rapid fire, and maybe I’ll get around to more detailed posts in the future. 1.  Care and feeding of “Atheist Pagans” While I prefer the term “non-theist”, this was a much needed post.  I am so tired [Read More…]

The Sun Also Riseth: The limits of objectivity (UPDATED)

The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.  But the earth abideth for ever. — Ecclesiastes 1 So last night I was going through blog posts that I had saved up to read later and came across this one by Rua Lupa at No Unsacred Place: [Read More…]

Is Yoga Pagan? Is thanking the Sun Hindu? And does any of this belong in public school?

I came across this article on Yoga as the “New Satanism” recently on MMM.  It would have been more accurately titled, “Yoga is the new Satanic scare” — since it has nothing to do with actual Satanism, but rather is about certain Christians’ demonization of yoga.  The article called to mind an earlier report in [Read More…]