The First SIgn of Autumn

My wife pointed this out to me this morning: the first red leaf.  The first sign of autumn in my little piece of what Ruby Sara calls the “fiercely wild urban midwest”. “How frail a thing is Beauty,” I said, “when every breath She gives the vagrant summer But swifter woos her death. For his [Read More…]

The Storm King

Yesterday we had an amazing storm.  The wind blew and blew, for hours.  The rain fell, but did not pour, the whole time.  This is unusual for where I live.  Our storms are usually violent, but brief.  Since we are nearing All Hallow’s Eve, my mind was naturally drawn to the legend of the Wild [Read More…]

Fall is here!

Fall is here!  Well, it’s been here for about two weeks now.  It is gorgeous.  It’s what we call “jacket weather”, the air is crisp, although when you stand in the sunshine (which has been bountiful that last few days) it is almost hot. Some of the trees are just starting to turn.  One thing [Read More…]