Ha, Jon Stewart! Pagans can organize!


I’ve heard “herding cats” analogies more times than I care to count, but the fact is that we can organize. We don’t need to all be of one mind or agreeing on every point in order to speak in harmony. Just as we attune ourselves to nature and the cycles of the Earth, we can “attune” to one another, temporarily setting aside our egos and prioritizing our individual disagreements, when a collective voice is urgently needed, as it is now. And “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” is proof of that. [Read more...]

Arbor Day: Earth Day for Procrastinators


If Earth Day snuck up on you or passed you by (it was Wednesday), don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of people, even people who care deeply about the environment. If this is you, not to worry, because today is Arbor Day. It’s like Earth Day for procrastinators. Here are five things you can do today if you missed Earth Day. [Read more...]

Putting Marx in his place: Why we need a change in spirit as much as a change in economics


Working toward a shift in consciousness is not sufficient by itself. But likewise, neither do I believe that changing our economic system will be sufficient by itself. A socialist economic system can be destructive to the ecosystem too, if there is not a corresponding change in consciousness. We must work toward change at all of these levels simultaneously. [Read more...]

We are the Earth … aren’t we? (The power of the preposition)


The purpose of the Pagan Community Statement on the Environment is not to create some kind of Pagan Creed, but to make a statement about what being Pagan means for our relationship to the Earth and to offer our unique perspective on the causes of the environmental disaster we are facing. Which phrasing better accomplishes that purpose? “We are the Earth, the Earth is us.” OR “We are of the Earth, and the Earth is part of us.”? [Read more...]

The Draft Pagan Community Statement on the Environment is available for public comment


UPDATE In honor of Earth Day, the statement has been published at ecopagan.com where you can add your signature. The statement represents the beginning of a conversation, not the final word. Join us in our call to all people to rise to this historic moment in order to protect all life on Earth by signing the statement. You can sign on your on behalf [Read More...]

Interstellar and Capitalism: Imagining a Different Future


More than any other religious group in the West, perhaps, Pagans can remember a time when Christianity was not the dominant mode of religious discourse. We can imagine a future which is not only post-Christian, but post-monotheistic. And to the extent that our relationship with the environment is bound up with a monotheistic paradigm, we are uniquely situated to help imagine a society which has a radically different relationship with the environment. [Read more...]