Fiddling With The Gods While Rome Burns

What Beckett has been describing with increasing clarity over the past several years is a kind of Pagan Pietism, if not a Pagan fundamentalism, which advocates withdrawing from the world, giving up the fight for justice, and cultivating personal piety instead. Beckett delivers this message with the soothing assurance of a village priest — and with many a caveat that he can fall back on when challenged. But his destination is clear, and the place Beckett describes — a place of retreat and resignation — is not a place we Pagans should be following him. [Read more…]

Three Reasons Why Pagans Need a Community Statement on the Environment

What good are words, after all, when what we need is action? Here’s three reasons why I think we need a collective statement on the environment: [Read more…]

A “Valiant Attempt” to Bridge the Gap Between Pagans and Environmentalists

“It is clear that Paganism and environmentalism are close allies in building a more sustainable future for the planet. It’s as if the two groups speak different languages, and “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” is a valiant attempt to appeal to both Pagans and environmentalists at once, to identify common ground and common cause.” [Read more…]

4 Things Every Aspiring Environmental Activist Should Know

I’m brand new at environmental activism.  One thing I have learned over the past year is that it is easy to get discouraged.  There’s four myths that I think contribute to this.  They can affect anyone who is environmentally active, but they especially affect those new to earth activism.  And so I want to rebut [Read More…]

If It Doesn’t Help Me Save This World, I Don’t Want Your Polytheist Revolution

It has become more clear to me than ever why I am opposed to the growth of a certain kind of Polytheism — other-worldly Polytheism — within the Pagan Umbrella. To me, it sounds disturbingly like the Christianity I left behind 15 years ago — with its relegation of the concerns of this world to a place of secondary importance. [Read more…]

Global Eco-Paganism: Czech Republic

It is not about us taking care of the Planet which is somehow ours like a garden property outside our house. We are the very Planet. And we need to save ourselves and stop ignoring the facts. The waste, the toxic substances, the pollution, the greenhouse gases: they won’t go away because we pretend they don’t exist. Of all the bad things, ignorance is the worst, I believe. It is ignorance that we need to get rid of. Now. Before it’s too late for us. [Read more…]