Church is no substitute for religion, Part 2: The Spirituality Gap

“Religion” is about symbol, myth, and ritual, while “church” is about community, morality/ethics, and ideology/politics. Here in the West, it seems we’ve gotten the church cart before the “horse” of religion. Potlucks and creeds are the outgrowth of religion, not the cause of it. [Read more…]

My Trip to San Francisco

I just returned from a trip to San Francisco.  In addition to getting some business done, I took advantage of many of the attractions that the area has to offer. My first stop was at the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park. In my wanderings around the Gorden Gate Park, I came across [Read More…]

Happy Holi-Day

Saturday night I went to the Hindu Holi festival at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago with my wife and kids. It was great. I was amazed by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. There were probably only 10 white faces there, including the four of us, and hundreds of Indians. People were throwing colored [Read More…]