EGO-Paganism and the Tyranny of Structurelessness

Ego-Paganism is not focused on connection or relationship, but on individual freedom and self-expression. Ego-centered Pagans may be tangentially concerned with ecology or polytheism or occultism, but in practice, they are concerned only with expression of their unique individuality and defending their freedom to do so against all authoritarian threats, real or imagined. [Read more…]

The center cannot hold: UPG as a centrifugal force

Personal gnosis is always potentially threatening to community. In order for a community like Paganism to survive, it must find a way to integrate personal gnosis with the communal identity. [Read more…]

Navel gazing versus the journey to the World Navel: Individuation and community

Jungians are sometimes accused of being ego-centric navel gazers in the Pagan community.  There is a certain truth to this.  Jung wrote that “every step towards fuller consciousness removes [a man] further from his original, purely animal participation mystique with the herd, from submersion in a common unconsciousness. Every step forward means tearing oneself loose [Read More…]

Sign of the (Pagan) End Times?

Peter Dybing, former first officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, has quit Paganism.  Well, sort of.  He has left public Pagan life, resigning all of his leadership positions, to focus on his relationship and on being a “simple dirt worshiping Pagan.”  Over at the Wild Hunt, Michael York has written a guest post in [Read More…]