American Neopaganism, Part 3: Past, Present, and Future

In this final part of my American Neopaganism series, I want to talk about different groups which represent, to one degree or another, the kind of open, eclectic, celebratory, and earth-centered (read non-initiatory, non-traditional/non-recon, non-esoteric, and non-deity-centered)Neopaganism I have been describing and calling “American Neopaganism”. One very good example, which dates back to the beginning [Read More…]

Temple of the Earth Mother

When I first started this blog, I began with the name Temple of the Earth Mother, a name which was simultaneously pretentious and boring.  I mean, you can’t really get more generic in Pagan terms than “Temple of the Earth Mother”.  But I actually had a good reason for the name that I never got [Read More…]

The New Name: The Allergic Pagan

Originally posted on August 2, 2011 by John Halstead I’ve decided to rename my blog.  For one thing, the name Temple of the Earth Mother is a bit pretentious.  I’ll be keeping the same URL though.  And I’ll post another day about the reason why originally I chose to name the blog that. I’ve decided [Read More…]