Happy Month of “Yes You May”!

To me, there has always been something a little naughty about May in general. Maybe it’s the vestigial memory of the free love of “greenwood marriages”. Maybe it’s because it’s National Masturbation Month. Or maybe it’s because my love for the 1967 film adaptation of “Camelot” in which Vanessa Redgrave sings, “The Lusty Month of May”. Whatever the reason, this Beltane, I wish you “tons of wicked little thoughts” and “divine mistakes”.
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M is for Masturbation

Lucy: “Where are you?” Devil/Dad: I’m at my dildo factory. Lucy: You have a dildo factory? Devil/Dad: Of course, Sinsperations. Lucy: I love Sinsperations! I mailed a letter with recommendations! Devil/Dad: Whoa! Daddy doesn’t want to hear about baby’s ideas on dildos. … Lucy: I’m a big masturbator. I can come there and do product [Read More…]

A Mormon therapist takes on masturbation

I typically do not blog here about exclusively Mormon issues.  When I do bring up my history with Mormonism or my interactions with Mormons now (through my family) on this blog, I relate it to my Paganism.  However, I recently read a post on the Mormon Therapist blog at Patheos about mastrubation and I have [Read More…]