Branches of the Deep Ecology Tree: Ecotheology: Reuniting God and nature

Lynn White argued that the belief that the earth was a resource for human consumption could be traced back to the triumph of medieval Christianity over pagan animism, and even further back to the Biblical injunction to man to “subdue” the earth and exercise “dominion” over every living thing. This narrative has had a profound influence on Neo-Pagans, who often describe their beliefs in contrast with the Abrahamic religions. But the injunction in Genesis to exercise “dominion” has been interpreted by many Judeo-Christian eco-theologians as a mandate to exercise environmental “stewardship”. There is untapped potential in Christianity and other monotheistic religions to inspire positive environmental change. [Read more…]

My Fivefold Path

Over at Humanistic Paganism, “NaturalPantheist” recently shared his fourfold path for naturalists, summarized below: Path of Earth:  Connection Path of Fire:  Celebration Path of Air:  Mysticism Path of Water:  Education He includes specific suggestions for practices that fall into each category.  I have always enjoyed these kinds of systematizations of spiritual practices. Early on in [Read More…]