The Mormon Church Leaders Still Don’t Get It

The fact that the Mormon leadership did not at first consider the situation of children of divorced parents shows how out of touch they are with the reality of contemporary families. But even the “clarification” reveals their ignorance of how complex and fluid custodial arrangements can be. [Read more…]

The Mormon Church Punishes the Children of LGBT Parents for the “Apostasy” of Their Parents

Mormon children of LGBT will be barred from all of the sacraments which serve as rites of passage in lives of all other Mormon children, including baptism and serving missions. If these children manage to maintain their faith through 18 years of official ostracism, they may then petition the highest authority of the Mormon church for baptism, but only if they are no longer living in the household of their co-habitating/married LGBT parents, and only if they “disavow” the same-gender cohabitation and/or marriage of their parents, something that is not required of non-LGBT Mormons or their children. [Read more…]

I Saw Two Americas Sunday: From a Mormon Church to the Chicago Pride Parade

My 13-year-old daughter turned to me at one point and said, “One day I will tell my kids that I remember when gays and lesbians won the right to be married.” I glowed. It was one of those moments when I really felt like a good parent. [Read more…]

What Pagans can teach the Mormon church about repentance

In the Mormon church and in the Covenant of the Goddess, I see similar evidence of what might be called “apostasy”, in the form of institutional blindness to privilege (whether it be white privilege or hetero privilege) — but there is a critical difference in the respective responses of these two organizations. Ironically, it was the Pagan organization that was more willing to “repent” and move toward real “restoration”. It was the Pagan organization that at least tried to embody the nominally “Christian” principles which the Mormon church has hypocritically eschewed. [Read more…]

Why this Pagan cares about the LDS Ordain Women movement

Change is coming. It’s not going to come as quickly or as completely as I want, but it is happening right now. And we Pagans have played and continue to play a role in that change. [Read more…]

Finding the Pagan Goddess in a Mormon temple

Mormons believe in a Heavenly Mother, but are not allowed to pray to or even speak about her. It’s very strange to have a part of your dogma that is taboo to speak about. And it was painful for me, to have the possibility of communion with the Divine Feminine open and shut to me in one movement. [Read more…]