I don’t often agree with polytheists, but when I do …

I don’t often agree with polytheists about religious matters, so I am excited when I come across a polytheist idea or practice that resonates with me. I recently came across two articles by polytheists who I usually find on the opposite end of the spectrum of any discussion I am in, but in this instance I found myself nodding my head vigorously. [Read more…]

It Should Have Happened on a Mountaintop: My Winding Path to Environmental Activism (Part 7/10)

I guess we don’t get to choose the time and place of our epiphanies. [Read more…]

Arbor Day is Like Earth Day for Procrastinators

If Earth Day snuck up on you or passed you by (it was last Friday), don’t feel bad. It happens to a lot of people, even people who care deeply about the environment. If this is you, not to worry, because Arbor Day is this Friday. It’s like Earth Day for procrastinators. Here are five things you can do today if you missed Earth Day. [Read more…]

Fiddling With The Gods While Rome Burns

What Beckett has been describing with increasing clarity over the past several years is a kind of Pagan Pietism, if not a Pagan fundamentalism, which advocates withdrawing from the world, giving up the fight for justice, and cultivating personal piety instead. Beckett delivers this message with the soothing assurance of a village priest — and with many a caveat that he can fall back on when challenged. But his destination is clear, and the place Beckett describes — a place of retreat and resignation — is not a place we Pagans should be following him. [Read more…]

Hear Diverse Voices Reading a Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

You can now listen to a compilation of voices of various ethnicities, nationalities, ages, and genders reading “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment.” There is also a Spanish language version. [Read more…]

Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #1 Share A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

So you don’t want Earth Day (tomorrow) to go by unobserved. What can you do? Over the last 21 days, I have been offering practical and productive suggestions for how you can honor the Earth this Earth Day. A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment was published on Earth Day 2015. Since then, it has collected [Read More…]