Why Pagans Hate “Witches of America”

I wonder if perhaps what underlies some of the intensity of the Pagan condemnation of Witches of America is that, in the end, Mar didn’t “convert” to Paganism. [Read more…]

“The Great Story”: A Non-Theistic Cosmology

“The Great Story” is the 14 billion year narrative of the evolution of the cosmos, the planet Earth, biological life, and human culture. And it is a myth, in the best sense of that word, but one that happens to be literally true; it is a narrative that orders our world, helps us understand our place in it, shows us how to live meaningful lives, and enables us to come to terms with our own finitude. [Read more…]

A “Valiant Attempt” to Bridge the Gap Between Pagans and Environmentalists

“It is clear that Paganism and environmentalism are close allies in building a more sustainable future for the planet. It’s as if the two groups speak different languages, and “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” is a valiant attempt to appeal to both Pagans and environmentalists at once, to identify common ground and common cause.” [Read more…]

Raiding of Intellectual Cattle: A Guest Post by Steven Posch

As a storyteller, I tend to do much of my thinking through stories. In the much-vexed ongoing discussion of cultural appropriation it seemed to me that abstract theorizing may well benefit from the wisdom of narrative. So I began casting around for a story that treated with the topic. [Read more…]

I Hold These Things To Be Sacred: A Reply to Sarenth Odinsson

I hold these things to be sacred and holy: all life, the earth, nature, our selves, our bodies, our relationships. [Read more…]

“Atheist Pagan” Does Not Equal “Secular Pagan”

Yes, atheist Paganism is “a thing.” And it should neither be confused with secularism nor reduced to humanism. [Read more…]