An Earthseed Solstice: Festival of the Teacher

Our teachers
Are all around us,.
All that we perceive,
All that we experience,
All that is given to us
or taken from us,
All that we love or hate,
need or fear
Will teach us—
If we will learn.
God is our first
and our last teacher.
God is our harshest teacher:
Learn or die. [Read more…]

Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #9 Ground Your Rituals

One thing you can do to honor the Earth this Earth Day is to help reground our Pagan rituals. Let’s begin by asking the hard questions: Do our rituals help us experience the natural world or do they actually cut us off from it? Do our circles connect us to others or cut us off from the rest of the world? Is our Paganism too inwardly-focused? Is our connection to the “elements” just in our heads? Is our magic just another attempt to achieve mastery over the natural world? How “earth-centered” is our Paganism really? [Read more…]

An Eclectic Mid-Winter Ritual

Here in the Midwest, February is the coldest time of the year on average. There might be snow on the ground still, or it might have melted, but it’s likely we still have more snow to come. But since it’s the peak (or should I say the trough) of cold temperatures, I can look forward to the beginning of warming (or at least less freezing) temperatures. So, for me, Mid-Winter is the end of the Great Freezing and the beginning of the Great Melting. [Read more…]

How to Construct a Morning Ritual

Having a morning ritual has been very important for me. A morning ritual sets the tone for the day. And I definitely feel a difference when I skip it. A morning ritual doesn’t have to be complicated, or even difficult. If you don’t have a morning ritual, these elements may help you construct one, or if you have one already, this may help you refine yours. [Read more…]

My Eclectic Yuletide Ritual

My Yuletide ritual this year began on the winter solstice and will culminate with the dawn of the sun on New Year’s day. This ritual has evolved over several years of trial and error and I have worked to integrate the Neo-Pagan winter solstice, Christian Christmas, and secular New Year celebration. [Read more…]

“Atheist Pagan” Does Not Equal “Secular Pagan”

Yes, atheist Paganism is “a thing.” And it should neither be confused with secularism nor reduced to humanism. [Read more…]