Why I have hope for Unitarian Universalism

What if, instead of trying to create religious space for everyone to “believe what they want”, we UUs were to build a church around the idea that every person’s beliefs and experiences contribute to the diversity of our spiritual community and thereby strengthen it? What if instead of tolerating our differences — Humanists, Buddhists, Pagans, Christians, and so on — we looked across the aisle to find the object of our reverence in the faces of the people whose spirituality is different than our own? What if the object of our worship is neither God nor our own egos, but that elusive wholeness called “spiritual community”, that which transcends our individuality and becomes greater than the sum of its parts? Is that not a manifestation of “Spirit of Life” — life evolving, life in all its diversity? Could that be our “transcendental ideal”? Might that not fill the “God-shaped hole”? [Read more…]

Why Unitarians Can’t Dance: Spirituality

Have I not seen the sky and sea Put on a look as hushed and stilled As if some ancient prophecy Grew close upon to be fulfilled? — “Have I Not Seen”, Don Marquis, UU Hymnal #337 I recently came across the following passage from John Trevor’s autobiography, My Quest for God.  In it, he [Read More…]